…because i shopped locally

today i woke up and was creative.  i hand-made christmas presents and cards and when i ran out of spark i put on my “cool people care” shirt (organically made in the U.S.) and decorated my wrist with handmade jewelry from costa rica and morocco.  my fingers had greece on them.

today, i committed myself to buying local, handmade, or nonprofit products for Christmas.  as a result, shopping for presents this year was much more fun.  i wanted to buy presents that would inspire or help the recipient become a better person.  rather than spending money on an item for the sake of buying someone a present, i’ve been seeking out unique gifts that will bringing meaning into another individual’s life.

the thing is, you kind of get to choose where you spend your money.  besides basic bills and necessities, what you spend your money on can say a lot about you as an individual.  today, i shopped local, and i still can’t get over it.

yes, shopping locally may mean spending more money.  but it also provided a sense of buying power and satisfaction in knowing that my money (the money i work so hard for) is going to something worthy and towards promoting products that aren’t made in sweat shops or by children. i spent my money on sustainable products, products that help out local artists, on gifts that mean something.  gifts that do  something.

while shopping, i was complimented on my shirt and used the kind gesture from a stranger to describe my local-only products this year.  surprisingly, i received suggestions on how to make it possible and other places to shop.

shopping locally made me feel good, and it is true, cool people do care.   i would argue that most people are cool.


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