…because i did the right thing

and sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing.   sometimes being the bigger person (or at least in this situation) isn’t always right.  without offering any of the mundane details, we all know what it is like to want to be mean and say words that will stab a person’s soul.  and its far too easy to convince your good friends to jump on your bandwagon and do the same.  but trust me, there is already enough anger and hate in the world.   increasing the world’s negativity for trivial life details would not have made my life meaningful today.

on days like today, it wasn’t necessary to be the first to smile, to pretend anything, or make something out of nothing.  what was right was to remember what is wrong.  today was meaningful because i just let it go.  some things just don’t need to matter.  i could have been angry or gossiped incessantly, but why?  

i decided that if i was going to offer anything to the world today, it would not be anger or unkindness. instead, i chose to ignore a small detail and spent time laughing hysterically with my friends. i did the right thing.

and i am glad i did.


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