…because i cleaned out my closet

although i did not ask for anything, i did in fact get presents for Christmas.  and i appreciate and love each and every item i received.  i now have new scrapbooking materials, professional clothes, blankets, and gift cards; which also means that i now have old or replaced craft materials, clothes i will no longer wear, and lightly used blankets.

this also means i have plenty of items to donate.  

when putting all of my gifts into their new places, i decided it was time to get rid of the things i didn’t need.  in my closet, i have clothes that i only wore on a few occasions, shirts that never actually fit me, and blankets i haven’t used in years.  i also have an abundance of toiletry items.  today, i got a trash bag and filled it up with all of the things i love but no longer have a need for.

the clothes went to my little cousins who are able to fit in them perfectly, the toiletry items went to an organization i volunteer at that provides foster children who move frequently with a toiletry bag full of lotions, hair accessories, and the like.  the blankets will soon be going to a salvation army or shelter that serves people who are homeless-people who have slept outside in the freezing cold.  what i am trying to say is that the items are doing far greater good in their new homes than they were doing in mine.  

sure, it can be hard to get rid of some items that have sentimental value- like your favorite sweater or pair of jeans.  but if you don’t wear them and they don’t fit, why not give them to someone else who can attach meaning to them?

we all have things we don’t need.  and we all have things that somebody else would absolutely love to have.  what items can you go without?






p.s. my little cousins came to visit me a few days later.

they too brought a trash bag full of clothes that don’t fit anymore.

and they gave them to another little cousin

who absolutely adored them.


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