..because i said thanks

if you think about it, people are always doing things for others.  good and bad. holding the door open for you, or making you mad because they didn’t hold the door open for you.  and on the occasions when people do go a little out of their way to help us out, we probably quickly say thanks-in passing.  but are we grateful enough for these tiny acts of kindness?

today i stopped and simply said thanks.  not under my breathe, or so that they couldn’t hear me.  i looked the person sincerely in the eyes, smiled, and expressed my gratitude.  for standing and holding the door open, for helping me out in a store, for making my chai tea just the way i like it, for taking the time to ask me how my day was and waiting to hear my response.


today, i did more than say thanks

i meant it.

we all know how easily and quickly we get mad/frustrated/annoyed and have our day completely turned around when someone doesnt’ switch lanes or when our order comes out wrong.  but why doesn’t our day get increasingly brighter when all of these little things go right?  and why don’t we appreciate these countless strangers who help our day run a little bit smoother?

once i started saying more than “thanks,” i couldn’t stop—i found myself overflowing with gratitude.

and since i had been saying thanks for all of the small acts from strangers, i inevitably began thinking about bigger acts of kindness from my family and friends.  i always buy cards. and i always have the intention of writing to all the important people in my life and, i always seem to fall through.  today was an exception.  i sat down and started to write.

because everyone likes to know they are appreciated- that they can be helpful.  and if someone has done something helpful in your life, they should know it was appreciated.  simple.as.that.

i wrote thank you cards until 2 am.

and i still have so many more left to write.


One thought on “..because i said thanks”

  1. I started reading a couple of your texts and I just feel so connected to you and the way you write. The way you think. Even though I don’t know you, I know that we could become very good friends. Thank you for your inspiring blog. Today was meaningful.

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