…because i don’t have a new year’s resolution

nope, no new year’s resolution for me.

as you might already know (or have read), my new year’s resolutions never make it to the next year.  somehow, excuses, stress, or sidetracks always get in the way.  don’t get me wrong, i am the biggest advocate for personal growth and accomplishing goals.  but for me, new year’s resolutions don’t always work that way.

my new year’s resolution is days.  days full of meaning. especially because i love nothing more than writing up a to-do list for the things i need to accomplish that day (and i am usually successful at completing my lists).  i started this project before new year’s because for me, it was important to start right when i was extremely motivated.  while i love the idea of bringing on the new year with a personal goal in mind, i also love the idea of bettering yourself at any given moment of every single day.

last year, i was told that the way you spend your new year is the way you’ll spend your year.  true or not, i liked how it sounded.  so this year, i made sure my new year’s was perfect.  i spent it with the people i love.  by laughing. away from my phone. playing board games. sledding. being grateful.

and i spent it having fun.

one of my worst personal qualities is my problem with focusing on the final destination rather than the journey.  i typically get stressed out over life’s trivial details and take it all too seriously.  and at the end of the school year, day, year, etc., my usual regret is that i worried too much. worked too much, played too little.

but not this year. and especially not this new year’s eve.

despite the fact that it was freezing and that i didn’t bring any sledding clothes, we went sledding at 10 pm. a little dangerous, yes. i could have said no and stayed inside (like a small part of me wanted to), but i didn’t.

instead, i tumbled down the side of a hill, landed face first in the snow, and giggled the whole way down.

hello 2012, i’m glad you’re here : )


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