…because i talked about ideas, not people

you should probably know that this wasn’t just my goal for the day, but also especially for the duration of the time i spent visiting one of my homes (the town i grew up in).

it is easy to gossip.  too easy to gossip.  and its even easier to gossip when you are visiting the small town you grew up in.  but i still made it my goal. and i truly did my best.

sure, the conversations inevitably shifted to discussing people, but i tried to not let it get the best of me.  and if i was talking about someone, i tried to make sure it was because i was putting the person in their best light.

while i absolutely love to hear about how people are doing and what they have accomplished, there is a line to be drawn from encouraging words to unkindness.


and for the most part, talking about people or their behaviors/actions doesn’t promote change.

however, talking about ideas does.

talking about ideas, dreams, and goals call for action.

today (and this week) i attempted to talk to the people i was visiting about themselves–> how they were, what they were doing.  what they hoped to do, how they’ve grown.

because to me, those are the kinds of things that matter.

and what better way to catch up with old, wonderful friends?


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  1. I love this. I struggle with the same thing when I’m in RS, and it was encouraging to hear about how you approach it. :)

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