…because i don’t know anything.

and i don’t even know everything about something. and i especially don’t know something about everything.

despite the fact that i’m on christmas break from school and i promised myself i wouldn’t do an ounce of schoolwork, i’ve spent my entire Christmas break learning.  learning in unpredictable ways.  i learned at the airport that if you can admit that you’ve made a mistake and feel remorseful about it, people are generally forgiving.  

i also learned about the world.


by watching apollo 18.  to begin, aliens really aren’t my thing, and neither are these types of movies, but i watched it anyway.  i immediately began to realize how little i knew about space, the moon, NASA, and really anything associated with it.  after the relief of deciding the movie wasn’t a true story, i started to think about all of the topics i know nothing about and  all of the resources i have to help me find the answers.  i also reflected upon what little energy i have devoted into doing so.

looking up information about the conspiracy theories for apollo 18 changed a lot for me today.

i decided to stop not knowing. period.

yes, i do realize that i can’t and won’t know everything about everything, or even anything about anything.  but i can know something about something.  and especially about topics that are important to me.  today, i decided to stop not knowing and start discovering.  the upcoming election, energy, access to clean water, poverty, addiction, marginalization of women, structural violence.  there are so many things i want to learn about.

i am blessed to have the answers right at my fingertips, now is the time to reach out and grasp them.

even more, i vowed to stop googling famous celebrities, the latest in hollywood news, and fashion styles, and decided to devote that wasted time to learning about the world.  and not just the world, but our world.  goodbye tabloids, people magazine, cosmo, and the likes.

because if i have time to read junk, then i most definitely have time to read treasure.  so instead of reading about how long celebrities’ marriages lasted or who was wearing what, i’ve decided to start reading more about the people i hope to emulate (paul farmer, ghandi, mother teresa, and Jesus to name a few) in hopes that one day i can be more like them.

because to me, they are the people worth reading about.



  1. First off i am glad that you learned something, and secondly i find that finding out whats hot and whats not, and what celbs are up to is a waist of time,so its good that you are going to put your reading to good use,
    Oh btw how you enjoy the rest of your break

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