…because i’m using my friends

there, i said it.

but it’s not entirely what you might think.

you see, i’m using them to become a better person. to motivate me to do better. to hold me accountable to sticking to my goals.  to inspire me.  this last week, i have began to notice (really notice) all of the amazing goals my friends are working towards.  some are trying to have more productive days, others are eating healthier or working out more.  some are devoting all of their effort towards their passion- or towards finding their passion.  and i’m stealing their positive energy, motivation, and goals.   the last few days, i’ve been jumping on their new year’s resolutions’ bandwagons.  

because one of my friends is trying to eat healthier, we spent the afternoon together and vowed we wouldn’t eat anything unhealthy.  we succeeded.  and since she helped me eat healthy for a good portion of the day, i decided to stick with it for the rest of the day. and i must admit, it has been a really long time since i made it the whole day without eating junk food.

i made a (perhaps) overly detailed to-do list with another friend (whose goal is to be more productive) that structured our day from the time we woke up until the time we got home from work.  it eventually turned into a contract where we even outlined a consequence (different random acts of kindness) for not completing all of our tasks.

and after talking with another friend about her new membership to the gym, i decided to work out.

the point is that it’s a win-win situation.  not only do i get to help support the people i love in accomplishing their goals, i also get the opportunity to improve myself in ways that i may not necessarily be dedicated to.

…and you don’t have to commit for a whole year : )

what goal can you steal for the day?….(or maybe longer?)

and  besides, most things are more fun with a friend by your side : )


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