…because i was aware of my presence

i decided to spend some time thinking about how a stranger would describe me.  if they had spent just three minutes with me today, who would they think i am?

and if it had been a particularly bad day that they didn’t know about…how would they describe the way i acted?

today i was overly aware of my interactions with people.

a lot of people have road rage.  while driving in my car on my way to run errands i started to think about my presence on the road.  it may sound ridiculous, but if you think about it, you could potentially ruin someone’s day (or next few minutes) simply because of the way you drive.  or your day could be ruined or minutely angered because of the way someone else drove.  today i made sure to let people in, to switch lanes, and to pay attention.  i put my phone in my purse so i wouldn’t even be tempted to check it. and while waiting at a stop sign, i turned my head, looked at the driver in the car next to me, and smiled.  i believe that little things like that can brighten the world…. i also believe that smiles always brighten the world.

and even when i was in a hurry, i decided to let someone cut me in line because it seemed like they were in a hurry too.

when i started to get frustrated with a seemingly angry cashier, i decided to stop.  the good thing about life is that you get to choose how you react.  instead, i asked her how she was doing and found a way to compliment her.  i may have just perceived it this way, but her “thanks” seemed to be extra genuine.

work was the biggest challenge.  i am a waitress.  and sometimes, that can be the ultimate test of patience, kindness, and presence.  today, i consciously chose to have a good attitude.  despite bad tips and difficult customers, i wanted to make sure that i still acted the way i hoped to be perceived.

i wanted to make sure my attitude, actions, and interactions were only positive.  regardless of the way i was treated, i decided it was more important to always be the person who responds with love.

because if you want people to think you are kind, then you must be kind.  


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