…because i talked

i had two very important conversations today.  somehow the conversations ended up being about the same thing, however, they came from two very different perspectives.  rather than describing what the conversations were about, i’ll tell you why they were so important.

the first conversation was one of support, empathy, and honesty.  it was about picking someone up so that they could move forward.  it was encouragement to do better.  the first conversation was about being a friend to someone who has plenty of friends, but needed another one anyway.  it was important because it was real. without judgement, comparisons, or reservations.  it was honest.  and it helped me learn.

the second conversation was quite different.  but it was important because it was about allowing others to share different opinions and perspectives while still having your own.  and because we had incredibly different viewpoints on the matter, we both had something to learn.  the conversation was valuable because it reflected that we were both pursuing dreams that made the most sense for us, individually.

yes, i could tell you what the topic of conversation was, but anything could have been talked about and deemed “important.” but what we talked about was important because it promoted change.  it encouraged growth.  and what i learned was invaluable.

is what you’re talking about worth anything?


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