…because i woke up early

unfortunately, i still can’t seem to go to bed early.  and because of this, days are usually a third of the way over before mine really starts.  and then i have an excuse as to why i didn’t get anything accomplished for the day.  but then my days are wasted.

even though i went to bed late the night before, i set a ridiculous amount of alarms (13 to be exact) to drive me crazy enough to get out of bed.  i woke up at 7:30.  for some, that still might not be considered early, but for me, that was quite an accomplishment.

when your days are 17.5 hrs long, you have plenty of time to do great things, as long as you use your time wisely.  you have time to write someone a handwritten letter, to de-clutter your room and simplify your life. you have time to go out to lunch with friends, you have time to make a new friend.  when you wake up early, you can get all of your errands done before 1pm and still have the whole day ahead of you.  today, i did all of these things and more.  i finished all of the paperwork for my upcoming internship, cooked dinner with my mom, finished making two presents, worked-out; i had the time to do nothing and not feel guilty about it.  and i started reading a book about homelessness that i’ve been meaning to begin for a while.  i had the day off from work, so that helped-but even if i had had to work today, i would have finished all the “must do’s” on my to-do list before i had to go to work.



trust me, i am all for sleeping in and making sure i am well rested.

but  why not wake up a little bit earlier with the intention of doing some good with that time?

you could read the newspaper to learn more about the world, clean, start reading that book you’ve been wanting to, write someone a letter, meditate, go for a walk, or simply make some extra time for yourself.

today is good day to start consciously utilizing the time that’s been given to you.

because as well all know, we can’t get it back.

today was meaningful because i didn’t waste it.


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