…because i finished a present

to be honest, i didn’t know how i had made friday the 13th meaningful.  i usually write about each of my meaningful days after i have had time to reflect on them, so sometimes they are a day late.  so when i woke up on the morning of the 14th, i was surprised to see that someone had already wrote about my day for me.

i guess i should begin by backtracking a little—-

on the 13th, i added the final letter to a book of memories, letters, and inspiration i was making for a friend.  i wrapped it with a bow.  six months late is better than never, right?  i then spent the afternoon organizing all of my scrapbooking materials and cleaning my disaster of a room that had been taken over by scraps of paper for the last three months.  when i finished, i went to the airport to pick up my boyfriend.  we ran errands, said hello to my parents, and activated my new phone.  and because i was so ridiculously excited to give her the present, we decided to drop the book off at her work.  then it was dinner, movie, and sleep.

after some reflection, i decided i was going to write about the acts of kindness i had made to sure to complete throughout the day. i had planned on talking about the letter i wrote to the mail person, the nice tip we left for our waiter, going out of my way to hold the door open.  i had truly attempted to perform small acts of kindness throughout the day; but i had completely forgotten about the scrapbook present i had completed after six months of making.

my eyes watered up after i read the post she created.  my friend had gone out of her way to say thank you in a way that she knew would be meaningful to me.  my eyes watered up when i read the post for a second time, because i didn’t know that the book would teach her something.


what i’m trying to say is that maybe what you do for others-good or bad- matters more than you think.  while i wanted to create a wonderful present, i didn’t necessarily realize that it would matter.  but what my friend taught me however, was that it did.  while the gift may not have meaning for the world at large, it meant something for her.  which brings me to my next point, unkindness or mean gestures-however big or small- matter too.  i would argue that nearly every action you perform impacts another individual.  cutting someone off, not tipping a server, or any other negative action you perform only contributes to the amount of anger already present in the world.  i truly hope that is not the kind of mark you want to leave.



my day was meaningful because i finished a project.  in some ways, it was like accomplishing a goal, about sticking something out until it was completely finished.  it was about using a significant amount of my free time to giving someone memories, reflection, and love.  it really does feel nice to finish something you started.  and equally important, it also feels nice to start something you have always said you wanted to begin.


now is the time.


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