…because i worked out

to be honest, i strongly dislike working out.  my first favorite food is rice, my second is reese’s pieces.  and i can never turn down a cookie offer.  today, i restarted p90x.  restarted as in, for the third time.  the problem, i have learned, is that i have a hard time sticking to three months of dedication because life typically gets in the way.  so instead, i decided to work out for today.

i made it my goal to not only work out, but to also take care of my mind and body by eating healthy.  let me warn you that i am not a dietician or nutritionist.  so my attempt at being healthy may not match up to their standards, but i did my best. carrots, eggs, salad, chicken, and oatmeal.

some might argue that working out does nothing for the greater good.  maybe those some people are correct, but i beg to differ.  you see, i want to live as long as possible.   i want to be here as long as i can so that i accomplish each and every goal i have set out for myself.  i want to prolong my life so that i can help as many people as i possibly can.


today, i learned that to get where you want to be, you sometimes have to do things you don’t want to do.

i didn’t want to work out.

but i truly believe that to help others-and be the best person i can be- i need to be physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.  for me, working out promotes all three.  yes, i would have rather taken a nap, read a book, or stared at the wall.  but i know what my long term goal is, and to get there, i had to start today.

today i worked out.

and i am going to tomorrow too

: )



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