…because it was my last first day

well, for a while at least.

today was my last first day of class of my master’s program.  and more importantly, my last first day of school.  thinking about where i am now is kind of  bittersweet.  i have worked hard and pushed myself for the last 17 years to get to this point- and it hasn’t been easy.  along the way i (along with countless others) have had to overcome money, my own self, and fear to get to this crossroad.

while i have always managed to succeed academically it is not because it has been easy and it is not because i am naturally smart.  i promise.  to tell you the truth, i am average.  i am not sharing this so you can reassure me of my intelligence level.  i am being honest with you, and more importantly myself.  

 i made it to my last first day of school because this has been my goal.  because i worked as hard as i could and always did my absolute best.  i went to office hours and stayed up late studying.  i asked for help.  i failed several chemistry tests and took a million practice exams before i passed my first one.  i learned how to write correctly after i got my first c on an essay.  what i am saying is that in the process of failing, i learned how to succeed.  and i was committed to it.  some people can simply grasp concepts and ideas, i can’t.  what i can do is ask questions.  college is not for everyone, i understand that.  but setting personal goals and working towards achieving them are.  what ‘last first day’ are you working towards?  and what are you doing on a daily basis to get to where you want to be?

today was meaningful because it was a benchmark.  and not only for me, but for many of my friends and other people in this world.  like me, hundreds of thousands of people began their last semester of school and are excited to graduate and begin a new chapter in their lives.  what an accomplishment. : )

education is something i have never taken for granted because it always seemed a little out of reach.  classes were always hard and creating/finding ways to pay for school and life was (and is) a challenge.  but i appreciate it more because i had to work for it.  i beg you to not take your education (or whatever you value) for granted.  because it is hard.  and because so many people in this world would love the chance and jump at the opportunity to learn.  yes, some people detest school-that’s fine.  but some don’t.

 be grateful for all of the opportunities you have in your life.

 and equally important, take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.


today was meaningful because i decided to start the semseter off strong, and more importantly, finish it off strong.
senioritis is tempting.  and yes, i could skate by, do minimal work, and still graduate. but why?  to me, it doesn’t make sense to give up at the end.  it’s like running a race and deciding to walk once you are close to the finish line.  why not sprint?  why not challenge yourself to take first place?

why not fly?


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