…because i am full

there is no other way to describe it.


and i am not full in the “i just ate two big macs and some fries” full.   instead, i am overflowing with every possible positive word you can imagine.



its not because my life is perfect, or because i have enough money to buy everything i want.  it is because i choose happiness.  and while i am striving to get to where i aspire to be, i am also content with where i am at.


my day was full of meaning because i had the opportunity to do every single thing that i love all in one day.


i woke up at 5 am (huge personal accomplishment) and spent the morning at my internship.  to describe where i am interning as “inspirational”  just wouldn’t do it justice.  i guarantee i am learning more from the clients than they are learning from me.  i listened to stories of struggle, of the process of overcoming.  of persevering.  and today, one particularly quiet man decided to speak.

i listened to people in recovery, of struggling to become sober. i heard good people talk about their ‘not so good habits,’ and i witnessed them putting their best foot forward trying to change.   and i couldn’t feel more complete.  although i do not have my “real job” yet, i feel blessed to wake up every morning doing exactly what i love.  it hasn’t always been like this. but it is so rewarding to finally see and feel  things coming together.  i understand that sometimes it is not that easy, but the point is to stop wasting your time doing things that don’t fill you up.  

i had to leave my internship early to go to a mandatory meeting for school.  and although the meeting was uneventful, i decided to enjoy it anyway.  because when it comes down to it, i truly love learning.  i love challenging myself, expanding my horizons, and finding new perspectives to life.  i also feel fortunate to have the opportunity to attend college; so while i may sometimes hate the homework, tests, or just school in general, i also do my absolute best to not take it for granted.

after the meeting, i left campus to go pick up the girl i mentor.  it makes me happy to see how much she has grown over the past year.  i ate dinner with her siblings and foster family and then played tea party with her precious 4 year old sister.  no matter how busy you are, you have to take time to play.  it’s okay to still be a kid sometimes : )  we went shopping, and because it gets dark so early, we took time out to look at the stars.  we got milkshakes and giggled like teenage girls, because i believe its always okay to be a little bit silly.




after a 14 hour day i got to come home.

and while i am so ridiculously tired,

my heart is full.


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