…because i didn’t bite off more than i could chew

i mean this both literally and figuratively.

today i cared about the earth in every way I could possibly think of.  and when i began to do this, i realized that i also started to care for myself better too.


while i consider myself to be a “glass half full” kind of person, i’m really a glass half empty kind of girl in real life.  what i mean is that i’m the worst at finishing all of the coffee i pour for myself in the morning.  on any given day, you could look around my room and find a half cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee that i didn’t finish.  what this really is is wasteful.  but not today.  i woke up this morning and decided i was going to finish everything i started (food or project wise) while being as earth-friendly as i could along the way.


this meant that today, i only poured myself 1/2 a cup of coffee from the pot.  when i finished it, i poured myself another 1/2 cup.  and i drank all of that too.  i only turned on the light for the room i was using and i used as little water as possible while showering.  and instead of driving around the parking lot looking for the closest spot, i pulled into the first one i saw.  i walked the extra distance.  i took the stairs instead of the elevator.  and i made a sandwich for lunch so that i wouldn’t need to use the mirco wave…you get the point.


when it comes to food, stop wasting it.  if you aren’t going to eat it all, don’t order it.  and if you can’t finish it, then take the left-overs home.  over consumption is bad for the earth and for your soul.  and i’m not just referencing food.


today, in the spirit of not biting off more than i could chew, I started to clear off my plate, figuratively.  i’m beginning to learn that you can’t do an amazing job at anything if you are trying to do everything.  i prioritized my to-do list, and more importantly, crossed some tasks off of it.  i said no.  i finished one assignment before starting another.


today i didn’t waste my food, electricity, or time.  i focused on what was in front of me, rather than thinking about something else to fit in.


and it was meaningful because I learned that i just can’t think of one good thing about waste.


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