…because i people watched

to be honest, i was having a hard time finding inspiration today.

i was tired and truly wanted to sit around and be lazy.  due to school, interning, waitressing, and volunteering however, i couldn’t.  so in the midst of my pity party, i decided to people watch.

for me, there is something fascinating in observing the way people participate in life.  so, i decided to stop what i was doing to pay attention to what others were doing.  you see, you can learn a lot about a person from the way they respond to a long line, nice gesture, or minor set back.  

today, it took me less than five minutes to get my inspiration back.  i didn’t say a single word.

instead, i just watched.

i observed a young man looking strangers in the eyes and smiling at them when they passed by,

and i saw an older woman attempt to reach out to multiple people for conversation, while most were “too busy” to respond.  i watched another person work on his drawing, and i heard him tell a friend that he wasn’t interested in selling a single picture.    i listened to two men laughing.  i saw a group of friends choose to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  i smiled at a joke the barista told., and i watched a six (ish) year old girl text faster than i can. i saw someone pick up a piece of trash and place it in the garbage, i heard someone say thank you.

today i heard compliments, impatience,and appreciation.

in the hustle and bustle of living, it is often too easy to overlook the small details in life.  perhaps slow down for one second and take some time to notice what other people are doing.  be present.

today in a coffee shop just off of the highway, i found a microcosm of the world.

and what a wonderful world we live in.

how would a stranger see you?


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