…because of a hug

i’m really not a touchy-feely kind of person.  i prefer high fives over hugs, and kind acts over sentimental touching.

but sometimes, it doesn’t need to be all about me.

even though i get a little awkward when giving out a hug, i know how much it means to receive one.  when words cannot express enough, sometimes silence can- and especially if that silence is broken with a hug.

if you are having a bad day, week, or hard time, maybe you don’t want to talk about it, maybe you don’t want advice.  maybe you just need some contact with another person to keep you grounded in the world.  or perhaps you just want your sadness to be acknowledged.  i can think of a few times when i just wished it was tomorrow, and in those instances, i can remember when a friend didn’t ask if i was okay, but instead, let me know that whatever i was feeling was okay through a hug.

today i knew of someone who looked like they needed a hug.

so i asked them if they did.

it kind of breaks your heart to see a man nod his head with tears in his eyes.

and so we hugged.

this single action didn’t end world hunger, nor did it stop global warming.  it didn’t even reduce the high levels of crime rate or domestic violence in any given state.  but it did however, do something.  and i believe that something is better than nothing.

reach out to someone today

everyone needs a friend.

and sometimes, everyone needs a hug.


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