…because i brainstormed

life can be boring if you let it.

you can get stuck in an 8-5 routine. a do your job and then go home and watch t.v. kind of routine.  and maybe that would be okay. but i think reality t.v. would get old.  and so would doing nothing.


what we need is to be alive.  to find something that wakes us up, makes us excited, and brings life to our days.


for some, this might mean spending time with your kids (and really spending time with your kids-without technology’s assistance), or writing that book you have always wanted to start.  maybe you get excited from volunteering, or running.  maybe your passion is in energy, the earth, poverty, education, orphans, business, computers, food, clothes. whatever it is, make it something good.  and not just good, but great.  chase after something.  in this world, we all (hopefully) care about a variety of things, but are you willing to do something about it?


for me, i have a lot of interests. i want to be a better person, and i want to help others be their best.  i also want to be more environmentally conscious and up to date on current world issues.  i want to learn about developing countries and human rights.  maybe these things don’t interest you.  but that’s okay, the point is to find something that does.


today, i brainstormed.

over the last 2 months, i have focused my energy on learning about and bettering myself.  choosing my attitude and reactions, simplifying, finding gratitude, and being honest with myself.  through this process i somehow misplaced all of the stress and anxiety i usually carry around with me and found overwhelming happiness.  this was unexpected.  and now i want to do more.

so, while i continue to improve internally, i have also decided to spend more energy on things outside of myself.  whether your interests are scattered or narrow, only action can bring about change.


 it’s time to stop talking about it, and actually start doing it.

today, i found ways to put my interest into action.  i found ngo’s i hope to donate too, international programs to sponsor.  i sought out information on how to be more “green,” new places to volunteer.  i made a list.  it’s an unfinished list, but it’s also a work in progress.  and before i take action or make some sort of statement, i am becoming educated on the topic.

and because my interests are broad, i am organizing them into ways in which i can accomplish them. here’s a rough draft:

meatless mondays– to decrease my consumption of meat products

 thankful tuesdays– handwritten notes of gratitude to the people in my day

no whine wednesdays– i’m usually the most tired on wednesdays, so i probably complain a lot.  i’m going to try and stop this

learning thursdays- spend some time updating myself on current world issues

fun fridays- finding creative things to do with the people i love

…and i’m still deciding how i want to make my saturdays and sundays meaningful.  i’ll keep you posted.


don’t worry, the goal isn’t to limit myself to only doing these things on ‘their day’

the goal is to get me to start doing them.



i hope that if you have been reading my blog, you have began to feel inspired.  but more importantly, i hope that you will do something about it.  use the inspiration as motivation to start.  today is the day.



find something that makes you feel alive, and start living it.





p.s. i would love to hear about what you are doing. : )


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