…because i don’t have time, i made time

i could tell you about how busy i am.  and about how much more busy i think i am compared to you.  and maybe we could argue about who has more stuff to do.  but the truth is, i am busy.  you are busy.  the world is busy.  and if we aren’t busy, we pretend like we are anyway.

in 24 hours, i (like many of you) have to get up, get ready, go to work, school, another job, do homework, or volunteer.  i also like to throw in some sleep somewhere.  but we all have 24 hours.  including Ghandi, Martin Lurther King Jr., Paul Farmer, and Mother Teresa.

yes, our prior commitments have to get done, and they should be done to the best of our ability. and yes, sometimes it is just not possible to accomplish everything we need….

but what about the other stuff?

i’m also busy because half of my homework time is spent on facebook, or organizing my room, or texting, or doing nothing.  i complain that i don’t ever have enough time to get everything done, because i don’t use the time i do have wisely.  

even on days like today, i would say that i didn’t have time.

but on days like today, i made time.

i made time to  do something for someone else by waking up an hour earlier.

i made time to drive the speed limit by leaving my house a littler sooner.

i made time to do my homework because i used it wisely and efficiently.

and i made time to prepare for next week–random acts of kindness week because it is important to me.

 we always have enough time for the things that are important.

i often trick myself into believing that my ‘to-do’ list is more important than everyone else’s.  sometimes i pretend that they have it easier.  but that is all relative.  most of the time, or at least some of the time, we can convince ourselves that what we have to do is more important than what anyone else has.  and maybe it is…but only to us.

today was meaningful because i realized that we all have important things going on.  today, i could have slept in for an hour, but instead, i woke up to edit early to edit someone’s paper.  and i could have left my internship on time to go home, but i stayed later to finish up my task.  yes, what i wanted to get done when i got home was important…but so was what everyone else wanted to get done.

what i am trying to say is by all means, finish everything you need to finish.  but also, perhaps gain a little perspective by donating some of your precious time towards helping someone else.  despite all of the time i gave to help others today, i still had enough time for everything else.

and once i realized that, i stopped stressing.  what needs to get done will get done.  

if you don’t have time to [volunteer.exercise.write.do homework.find a job.eat healthy.hang out with friends or family., etc.] then make time.

 i promise that it is possible.  : )

p.s. next week (13th-19th) is random acts of kindness week…i hope you are ready….and more importantly, that you will join me….more details soon :)


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