…because i stopped

quitting something  is hard.  especially if it has become a habit or is something you enjoy.  but we all know that continuing to do something just because we have always done it doesn’t mean it is useful or effective.

in our lives, there are some things we just don’t need.  

there are some things that are easy to do or fall back on, but these things make it hard to move forward and grow.

today was meaningful because i decided to stop complaining.  and trust me, i am a great complainer.  i can complain about the amount of homework to do, how little sleep i have gotten, all the tasks i need to complete, how much i don’t want to work, how i don’t like how someone does something, how my head (stomach, eyes, etc) hurts. i can complain about the weather, how much i made at work, the traffic, and people.  i can complain about everything.  but why?

today, i realized that i need to find better things to talk about.  i’ve also learned that no one truly wants to sit around and hear me complain.  and i have also realized that when i complain, its usually only in regards to myself.  because something is making me uncomfortable.  but what about everyone else?  what about the suffering people around the world who’s complaints aren’t heard?  and even if you do decide to complain about that, what good does it do?

you see, complaining is for people who don’t want to do anything to change the situation.  if you don’t like how things are, act.  change it.  and if you aren’t willing to work towards changing it, then you can’t really complain.  and if it’s something beyond your control (like the weather), then it really is pointless to complain about.

complaining and worrying do the same thing.  nothing.  if you don’t like how something is, stop using your energy to get worked up and start taking the necessary steps towards resolving the problem.  of course its okay to vent, and sometimes that is all we need, but if that’s the case, vent and move on.   or even better, vent and take action.  and if you absolutely need to complain, then make it worthwhile.  get positively outraged. find something you are passionate about and make your concerns heard.

today was meaningful because in mid-sentence, i decided to stop.  i was about to say how tired i was from interning and going to class and —— and then i didn’t.  yes, i was tired, but all of a sudden it just didn’t make sense.  because the truth is, i love all of these things.  and i really don’t want to turn something i love and am excited about, into something negative.

talking about how tired i am won’t get me more sleep.  nor will complaining about work make it more enjoyable.

unfortunately, i am not perfect.  i more than likely complained about something later on, but it is a work in progress.  what you say does matter.  and i want people to want to listen to what i say.

just pause for a second.

and say something worthwhile.

more importantly, do something worthwhile.


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