…because they made me cry

today was just one of those days.

the kind where you wake up and already know how the rest of the day is going to go before it really even gets started. i was crying by 6 am.

i checked my phone as i rolled over at 5 am to turn off my alarm clock that had been going for the last twenty minutes, and i saw that i had 32 facebook notifications.  i knew that it could only mean one of three things: something strange had happened overnight, i had suddenly became famous, or one of my friends had gotten really bored the night before.

and i was right on one of them.  something strange had happened overnight.  and more importantly, something strange had started the day before.  my newsfeed was decorated with pictures of kindness cards by people i didn’t even know had made.  it was full of good deeds and inspirational words.  i visited our random acts of kindness (RAK) event page and saw some of the most creative, kind-hearted, and thoughtful deeds.  i saw people giving of themselves.  of going out of their way and intentionally doing  something to brighten someone else’s day.  and then i looked at my profile page.  that’s when the tears came.  in the process of brightening up other people’s days, they had brightened up mine as well.  someone started their own life project and blog.  someone told me that i inspired them.  some shared their experience of being the recipient of a RAK.  others inspired me by telling me what they were doing.

it wasn’t one of those days where i woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  it was one of those days when i woke up on the best side of the bed possible.



today just started off meaningful.

and i was immediately inspired. i didn’t think that random acts of kindness could really do anything to change the world.  there are unfortunately too many complicated, deep-seeded, multi-systemic problems.   but in a way, i was wrong.  no, maybe our RAKs didn’t cure cancer or end world hunger.  i truly wish it was that easy.  but perhaps, just perhaps, it changed an individual’s world, or at the very least, their day.  from what i’ve heard, i think it did.  and you know what else it did?  it made the giver feel better too.

sometimes people need to help others to help themselves, and that’s okay too.  i think that the more people feel good about themselves the more they are in a position to lift someone else up.  and the more they help others, the more they’ll want to continue to help others.

i want to thank you all.  from the absolute bottom of my heart. from the friends who participated to the strangers i have yet to meet,  i cannot possibly put into words how much your actions mean to me.  today was meaningful because i felt like i was on top of the world.  and i felt like this because of you.  because you got inspired. because you helped me.  because you did more than read my blogs or annoying posts…you took action. and once i saw what you were doing, it made me want to do more, be more.

i can’t get myself to stop thinking about my one chance to live.  we all only get one chance at this life.   use it well.  

what i hope you see is that what we do matters.

 its not enough to say you’ll do something or think about doing something.  and it won’t be enough until you actually do it.

thank you for doing something.  and more importantly, for doing something good.

get up and go.  start right this second.


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