…because it is not enough

thank you.

these two words feel so small and plain.  but that’s probably because they are an understatement, proof that sometimes you just can’t find the right words to express what it is you’re feeling.  

today was meaningful because it was ordinary, and mostly because it wasn’t ordinary.

i didn’t know that today would be the day.   i set my alarm clock for three hours before i had to wake up, just like i always do.  and when i finally woke up after 13 alarms went off, i went straight to the coffee pot.  i started getting ready for work and i ate oatmeal for breakfast…like i do on any given day. like normal, i drove the speed limit and was passed by faster drivers on the highway.  it was just another sunday.

and in the middle of it being perfectly normal,  everything sort of changed.

i was pretending to be busy at work when i heard my name being called.  i thought it was another customer, but it turned out be my friend.  i couldn’t understand what she would be doing standing next to a bouquet of tulips with my favorite drink in her hand.  until i realized that they were for me. she showed me the envelope with a kindness card on the front.  and she told me that it was her random act of kindness for the day. did you know that flowers, green tea, and a handwritten letter can change your perspective?  kindness can make you feel important and loved.

because of her kindness, ,i decided that i wouldn’t let anything get in my way today.  until of course something did.

later today i was the waitress for a large party of 30 people. long story short, they customers were particularly difficult and i didn’t receive a 15% tip (or a 10% tip for that matter).  i was frustrated. and mad.  so i started complaining and venting to anyone who would listen.  and they did listen.  before i knew what had happened, the people i work with had all chipped in and donated me money to make up for the tip i did not receive.  in the middle of me protesting, my friend said, “hey, its random acts of kindness week right?”  she didn’t even blink an eye as she gave me the money.  i cried.

and then i knew that my days were no longer ordinary.

today was meaningful because i realized that on regular days like today, there are everyday people doing what they can to make the world a little bit kinder.  a little bit better.

today, i learned that what you do does matter.  that each of us have the power to brighten someone’s day by simple gestures of kindness.  i had been so busy focusing on being the giver of random acts of kindness that i didn’t think about what it would be like to be the recipient, until i was.  i didn’t do anything extraordinary today.  my contribution to the world was ordinary.

however, my friends’ acts of selflessness and love were beyond extraordinary.

take a look around and notice what people are doing.   i challenge you to cast them in a positive light. and if someone is down, i urge you to lift them up.  i was having a pretty okay day yesterday, but everyday can be great if you let it.  



and so now i am back to trying to more than two words can possibly say.

my thank you means that you inspired me, that you motivated me to pay it forward.  and it means that you made me feel important and loved.  it proved to me that kindness does matter and that more importantly, it does make a difference.  my thank you means that it was amazing to be on the receiving end, that it was nice to feel appreciated.  my thank you means that you did more for me than you could possibly know.

so, thank you.

today is a good day to have a great day.


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