…because i took a leap

this year, there are 29 days in february.


which means we get an extra day to do something great.  to be something amazing.


today was meaningful because it was leap day.  at my internship, i read a book that inspired and motivated my theme for the day- “212 degrees- the extra degree”.  the book explains that at 211 degrees, water is hot.  at 212 degrees however, water turns to steam.  the one degree difference lets off enough steam to power a locomotive.  the difference is in one degree.  one small difference, an ounce of additional effort, a little extra heat results in a significant effect.  this effect results in action, and the action leads to change.  the book goes on to discuss doing more… being kind, and then some.  working hard, and then working a little harder.


and today, it really clicked for me.  you see, i don’t just want to be a social worker, i want to be a great social worker.  i don’t want to just help individuals, i want to impact their lives and (with their help) promote long-term change.  today, i realized that i don’t want to just talk about social justice, i want to act for social justice.  whether it be for a job, as a parent, accomplishing a goal, or sticking to an exercise plan, the difference between being good and being great is in the amount of effort you are willing to put in.



a long time ago, i decided that i wanted to positively impact and shape the world.  and that’s great, but when?  what i have learned is that if you start today, you will be one step ahead tomorrow.

today was meaningful because i took a leap.  it’s not enough to talk about what you aspire to do.  and (depending on your long-term goal) its not enough to half-heartedly go through the motions to accomplish it.  what is enough however, is to do more.  today, i started reading all of the books, textbooks, and information i have gathered along the way that i had yet to open.  i clarified what it is exactly that i want to achieve.  i was specific.  i set my own time-limits and outlined the necessary steps to take along the way.


i’ve also come to realize those individuals who are the best at what they do are the ones who have gone out of their way to do more than was required of them.  maybe that means running a little longer or staying a little bit later.  it might mean working harder or being more efficient.  perhaps it is a little selfish to want to be the absolute best, but i am not really comparing myself to anyone else.  i want to be my best.  and i do not want to be limited by reachable goals i chose not to pursue.

i dare you to take a leap.

do more than is expected of you.  and expect more out of yourself.


4 thoughts on “…because i took a leap”

  1. Perfectly composed written content, thank you for selective information. “The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.” by Corra Harris.

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