… because of a farm

well, today had nothing to do with a farm actually.

but it did have something to do with growth.


i am not sure how i feel about karma.  good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people.  it is just life, really.  and perhaps what goes around does come around, or alternatively, maybe we choose to interpret different events to mean that someone ‘finally got what they deserved.’  i’m not an expert, but i think there is more to karma than that.


i see it more as ‘you reap what you sow.’  if you spend your whole life burning bridges, one day you won’t have any bridges left to burn. think about it.  i don’t know if that’s karma.  i like to perceive it as the natural and logical consequences that come as a result of your choice of behavior.  and if you spend your entire life treating people unkindly, there will probably come a day when people start treating you the same way, or when you find yourself with no friends.  similarly, if you spend your whole life doing good and being a kind person, it is highly likely that you will be treated kindly too.  it just kind of makes sense.


when i start to feel down on my luck or bad about my life, i take a step back and pay attention to how i have been acting and treating others.  if i act annoyed, and talk about how annoyed i am to everyone i encounter, then people will probably respond to me annoyed too.  and if everything seems to be going wrong, perhaps it is me that is not doing something right.  i’ll be the first to take credit for my actions before blaming it on some magical force.  of course this is not to say that sometimes good and bad things happen out of the blue, but i am suggesting that we have more to do with our daily events and interactions than we think.


today was meaningful because i thought about my karma.  i thought about what i was sowing and what i was reaping.  how was i treating people? and how did this impact the way they treated me?  and equally important, how did i perceive the world?  i’ve learned that the more positively i view it, the more positive it becomes.  i always like it better that way : )


maybe that’s not karma at all.  like i said, i am not an expert.



but what i do know is that if there is karma, or if we are to get what we deserve, or if we will reap what we sow, or any of those other cliches, i want to make sure that i put good into the world so that good comes out.




3 thoughts on “… because of a farm”

  1. actually had this conversation a few days ago, I completely inclined to agree its much more “you reap what you sow”

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