…because i didn’t make $100

i didn’t make one hundred dollars today. and i didn’t even make thirty.  i made zero.


today was meaningful because it was worth more than the one hundred (or more) than i could have made.


i am the kind of person that is easily guilted into feeling bad for not doing enough, volunteering enough, or using any second of my time to relax.  i’m also the kind of person that fills my days up with activities, even when all i truly want is to sit and do nothing.  and so today, i did.  well, to be honest, i did something, but the relief and relaxation i feel is surprisingly worth the twelve hours i could have spent at work making money.

today i woke up early, went to a work meeting, got ahead on all of my homework, cleaned everything in sight, took a nap, emailed some friends, went for a run, and enjoyed dinner with my family.  nothing too exciting, right?  exciting, perhaps not.  but amazing?  without a doubt.  you see, i took my first nap of the semester–which is a big deal because i love naps.  in fact, today was actually my first real day off.  even saying it now brings a smile to my face.  the weather here has been perfect lately, and today, i got to enjoy it.  i read outside.  and despite being out of shape, i made myself run longer because i don’t get the opportunity to do so everyday.  what i am trying to say is that i took absolute, complete advantage of this perfect, lazy day.


by now you might be thinking, “must be nice” or, “i wish i could do that.”  but actually, you really can.  and more importantly, you really should.  the truth is, you can’t give from an empty cup.   i am all for being busy and productive, and with the number of commitments and priorities i have (and we all have), this is often a necessity.  but sometimes, we all just need to relax.  my ability to do so however took a little bit of work.  it sounds funny, but i planned for it.  last week i stayed up a little later or got up a little earlier to work on a paper so that i could finish it before the weekend.  i finished developing a program for my internship early by avoiding facebook (and mindless internet surfing) at all costs.  i jam packed my to-do list full of every possible task to complete before the weekend.  of course i didn’t get them all finished, but i picked out some things i new could wait and did my best to finish up the rest on friday.  and that left me with two days.


two days to slow down.  i got my hair trimmed and did all of my laundry.  i started reading a new book on my book list.  i watched a movie.  what i am trying to say is i did all of things that i am ordinarily too busy to do. and not because i had extra time, because i made time.  and that makes all the difference.


 …when you feel better about yourself, you feel better about the world.  trust me.

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