…because it wasn’t perfect

i sat at starbuck’s for two hours today reading and re-reading the same paper over and over again.  unfortunately, this is not just any old paper; this paper determines if i get to graduate in 35 days or not.  i took my time researching evidence-based practice, organizing my thoughts, and all of the other stuff you are supposed to do when writing a paper.  the paper was completely finished last week.  all i had to do was click “submit” today but that of course, was the hardest part.


today was meaningful because i handed it in.


and trust me, it wasn’t easy.

but in the midst of having a panic attack over whether the paper was perfect or not, of whether i addressed every minute detail, i decided that perfection was getting in my way.   i assure you, my paper is not perfect and there are probably more overlooked errors than i realize, but i did my best.  and i really can’t do any better than my best.


today was meaningful because i realized it was time to stop letting my need for perfection prevent me from getting things done.

i always put forth great effort into producing the best results i can, but i also spend an unnecessary amount of time worrying about a perfect finished product.  for me, perfection often makes it hard to even start the project. and perfection makes it nearly impossible for me to feel like the project is ever completed.  what i am saying is, not everything needs to be perfect.  i take pride on earning good grades and handing in assignments that i put a lot of effort into.  but often, it gets to the point where i am no longer productively improving my paper so much as i am creating anxiety by attempting to make it flawless.  and that is not helpful to me (or my paper for that matter).

i would argue that the world does not reward perfection.  the world rewards productivity and results.  so in the process of doing your best, make sure it doesn’t get in the way of you getting things done.

approve of yourself.

and always accept your best



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