…because of so many questions

sometimes i wonder if i understand.  if you understand.

and if you do understand, are you doing something about it?

and if you aren’t, why not?

its a difficult concept to grasp really, the whole entire world.  but the world is ours.  and i think that is pretty significant.  really, just think about it.  for one second, think really hard about it.  think about the people around you, think about the people who do not have a home to sleep in.  think about the little boys and girls who don’t have any parents, who are physically and sexually abused.  think about the people in developing countries who do not have access to education and then think about all of the times you have complained about school.  or think about those who don’t have a computer, who don’t even have access to clean water.  because the minute i begin to contemplate the world i live in, the more i believe that something must be done.

my intention is neither to make you feel guilty nor overwhelmed.  my goal is to help you understand that this is where we live.  where we get to live just one time.  and if we aren’t doing something for the greater good, then what are we doing?

maybe we don’t have the power to change it forever, or even for one day, but i believe we have the power to change the parts of the world that we touch.  and even if we can’t, i don’t see the harm in trying anyways.

today was meaningful because i have been thinking about people and what they do, what they don’t do, and what they want to do but don’t. my guess is that time, money, and life get in the way.  that happens to me a lot.  and sometimes i find myself holding back; for what, i am not sure, but i do know that i have unused potential. and i can’t help but thinking that it is such a waste.  what an amazing and scary thought that in this life we can do anything we want to, anything we work hard to create.


what would the world be like if we all followed our passion?  if we only did the things that made us feel alive?

unfortunately, life doesn’t always let that happen that way.  but if we can’t dedicate every day to doing something for the greater good, why not just one part of each day? and instead of making excuses as to why you can’t, why not begin to think about all of the reasons why you should?



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