…because i opened my own door

you don’t have to wait for anything.


you don’t have to make excuses, wait for summer, wait for when you have more money, wait for when you have extra time.  because maybe you will never get to that perfect day.  and that would mean you wouldn’t ever start what it was you hoped to finish.  the time is now.  today.  just start.


it is time to stop waiting for that perfect moment and start creating your own opportunities.  forget about “when one door closes…” start opening them for yourself.  open windows, sneak through cracks, build your own exit, make your own life.  maybe it is dramatic, or maybe it is just true… your time is running out everyday; and if there are things that you want in this life, go now.


i decided that if i don’t start now, then i’ll just be more behind tomorrow.


while there are some minor changes everyday, for the most part, i know what direction i am headed.  i know what i hope to accomplish, and i know what i want.  what i don’t want.  today was meaningful because i decided to just jump.  if i want to make a big impact, i need to get the small steps out of the way.  so i did.  and i am. figuratively speaking, i’ll sneak through the cracks until that door opens, or maybe i’ll just find the key and go open it myself.  maybe it will work out, or maybe it won’t.  maybe i will have to try again.  but i have a feeling that if you give one hundred percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end.


maybe all of those amazing people we hear about aren’t so out of reach-aren’t so impossible to become.  maybe they are not so different.  yes, they undeniably have talent….but what makes them stand apart from us is that they just did it.  they found a way to get there.  they made their own paths.

we can too.


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  1. Aww Jessica, I love reading your blogs! I just read this post today (5/6), but what’s funny is the day you wrote this was the day I decided to quit my dead end job and go back to school. I’m done waiting for opportunities to fall into my lap. Why wait when you have the ability to open that door on your own? I was still a bit worried (hubby too) about my decision but reading this has helped me through that! :)

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