…because i prefer sunrises over sunsets

you can never perfectly describe a sunrise.  the colors we have available to depict the beauty we see are simply not enough.  and if you have ever taken the time to truly sit and appreciate a sunrise, i think you would understand what i am trying to say.  because when you see it in the sky, pink is not just pink.  and the fire-y orange is too amazing to explain.


i forgot about this though- mainly because i hardly ever woke up early enough to see it.  and mostly because i was never much of a morning person.  i usually stay up too late, wake up late, and am so tired from the sleepless nights that i am not in the mood for stopping and noticing how pretty the world can be.  and because i used to wake up late and rush around in the morning, that usually resulted in my day starting off bad.  and we all know that when our day starts off bad, it is easy to let your whole day go bad.  i learned the hard way.

but more importantly, i learned.

if you know me well enough, you would now know that i set 12 alarms every morning.  this is not an exaggeration.  11 alarms on my phone and one emergency alarm on my radio.  you would also know that the first alarm goes off two hours before i actually need to be somewhere.  it takes me about thirty minutes to get ready in the morning, giving me an hour and a half of extra time.  every day.

i know myself pretty well.  and so i know that if my morning starts off good, my whole day usually ends up great.  even on the days when school or life is challenging, i am better able to handle them if i had a good morning.  and from this lesson, i have learned that getting up earlier sets me up for a good day.  i have enough time to get ready, clean up my room, check my emails, make a to-do list, and eat a healthy breakfast.  i automatically start the day feeling less stressed…and because i am able to get small tasks out of the way, the rest of my day seems more manageable.


today was meaningful because i did more of the same.

since i know that my mornings largely dictate how my days progress, i make sure to set myself up for success.  that means i make a conscious effort to purposefully  start my day off right.

i have also learned that if i intentionally inspire myself in the morning, i am ready to save the world by 6:50 am.  so this morning, like all other mornings, i went to my favorite inspirational websites and spent time reading posts from the blogs that motivate me.  i looked up inspirational quotes, i found out about all of the good things that are taking place in the world. i read things that i know will inspire me.  i also try to write my blog posts in the morning so that if you wake up and read them, maybe you can make an effort to start your day off positive too.  today i followed my normal routine, and like many other days, it worked.  i left my house feeling so overwhelmingly inspired that it would be hard not to go out and do some good in the world.  and by doing so, i am able to put my whole heart into helping the people i am so passionate about.  


i like to think about what it would be like if everybody started their day off good.  what would that mean?  and what would it look like?  i think it could really be something great.



when my mornings are good, i take time to watch the sunrise.  and i’m not in a hurry so i am a kinder driver. i am more patient.  i smile at people.  i make sure to start my day off right so that i can make someone else’s day go better.





and that makes me happy.


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