…because of 1/3

today was meaningful because it was may first.  and that means the year is one third of the way over.  that also means that this is the longest i have ever followed through with a new year’s resolution.

four months ago i started this project. 8 weeks ago i started teaching my first two classes at the pyscho-social rehabilitation recovery center.  6 weeks ago, i bought my one-way plane ticket to new york, and three weeks ago i began brainstorming for two new upcoming projects.  two weeks ago it felt like i had plenty of time to get everything organized before graduation and moving, and today, i realized just how fast time flies.


i believe that time flies when you are having fun and i also believe that you lose time while waiting for the perfect opportunities.  if a year can pass by in the blink of an eye…just how fast might my life fly by if i don’t take the time to appreciate it now?  to just do it now?  how have you spent the last one third of your year?  are you still working on your new year’s resolution?  are you doing something you love or spending time with the people you care about?  are you working towards becoming your best self?   if not, why?  what would it take to devote to living your life to the absolute fullest?


i used to be the kind of girl that would wish my life away, not necessarily in a negative way, but just waiting for those days when i was “older,” or “more independent,” and now, i find myself wishing that the world would just stand still because i love where i am at and what i am doing. of course i am looking forward to the future, but along the way i have found this incredible contentedness in appreciating and enjoying the present.



if you’re not careful, your life can just slip right through your hands.  hold on to it.

mold it into everything you have ever wanted it to be.



  1. I have been spending a lot of time lately regretting all the time I have wasted – and continue to waste…it can be truly painful and hard to reconcile with this and move on. But move on I must. I spend a lot of nights worrying about being old and missing having not really lived life – and I mean even just living the simple things. It doesn’t have to be great travels or significant things – just the small things like being with friends and being in the moment.

    1. thank you for reading this post and taking the time to share your experience with it :) i think it is wonderful that you are able to recognize ways in which you want to improve your life. i found myself thinking of all the great ideas/goals/accomplishments i aspired to do and have recently moved to not just thinking about them, but actually doing them. since starting this project, i have learned to focus on my long term goals while also appreciating my daily activities and where they are leading me. i hope you’ll continue reading this blog…and remember, it’s never too late to start :)

      1. Yes, unfortunately for a lot of ‘steps forward’ I take I also step back. But that’s part of life. The important thing is not to dwell on it and worry about the past – or the mistakes you will make in the future – and just live in the now as best you can. We can only grow by changing – whether good or bad I guess.

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