…because i could have slept in

how in the world do i even begin?

today was just one of those perfect days.  the kind of day where the sun is shining just right, when the wind is offering just enough of a breeze, and i was surrounded by absolutely amazing, extraordinary people.  it was one of those days where i was able to spend my time doing everything i absolutely love.

and sometimes, in the midst of an ordinary, busy day, everything just seems to fall in to place and the world just feels right.

today was meaningful because i could have slept in.  in fact, i could have slept all day if i wanted to.  you see, i had completed 40 extra hours at my internship which means it technically ended at least a week ago.  when my supervisor reminded me that i didn’t have to be there, i told him ” i didn’t have anything better to do.”  but to tell you the truth, i lied.  what i should have said was that i couldn’t possibly think of anything else i would rather be doing. 

today i spent the day talking with veterans who are homeless.  veterans who desperately want to be employed.  and during outreach this afternoon we were able to meet with a homeless veteran, take him to the VA, provide him some lunch, and get him connected to services. on monday he will no longer be homeless.  today i did what i love, what i believe i was put on this earth to do;  and the icing on the cake is that i get paid to do what i would want to do for free.  as of monday there will be one less homeless person living on the streets or in the bushes.  how amazing is that?

on the last day of my internship i saw what hope really looks like in the face of someone who had appeared to have given up.   i sat in on a meeting with a local agency that has recommitted their efforts to ending homelessness.  i witnessed things coming together.  i watched people do what they are passionate about.  i also said goodbye to some of the most amazing people i have ever met…i may or may not have teared up in my car as i was leaving.

it didn’t end there however.  i spent the rest of my afternoon at my absolute favorite place with an amazing friend who always reminds me how strong we have the ability to be.  i got to witness firsthand a love between a mother and child that is indescribable.  i then spent the later portion of the day running through the yard with my mentee and her little sisters; playing with little girls who deserve just to be kids.

 i am telling you the perhaps boring details of my life to remind you that amazing things can happen in the most ordinary of moments if you look for them. 

what i have learned is that the more i have to do in the day, the more i am able to do.  it sounds contradictory but somehow, 24 hours seems like enough when you fill it will all of the things that matter most.  i didn’t do anything special.  i simply devoted my day to happiness.  no excuses. i just did it.  and for me happiness has always meant helping others, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering.  like i said, today was perfect :)

to be clear, things do not happen because my life is perfect.  things are wonderful because i choose to let them be. i think that is an important distinction to make, and from my experience, i assure you there is a difference. if you want your life to be amazing, then let it be.  look for the ways that it already is.  find the areas you want to change and change them. there really is no need to complain, just act.   it doesn’t need to be anymore complicated than that.


today was meaningful because every ordinary day should be extraordinary.

life, after all, is pretty incredible.


3 thoughts on “…because i could have slept in”

  1. I just knew this is what you were meant to do :) Thanks for reminding us to do what we love, and cherish the things that make us happy.

  2. Salam.Amazing piece.I loved it. I noticed that you don’t capitalise “i” this suggests something about you, that you’re kind of person who put others in front of themselves.You care alot about others. =)

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