…because i graduated

on my graduation day, i envisioned my family members cheering me on, congratulating me for finishing my schooling, and offering kind words of encouragement on my future endeavors.  i imagined myself feeling relieved, satisfied, and relaxed.  i pictured myself surrounded by all of the people that care about me as i thanked them for their motivating words and for being part of this special moment.

i was right.  that is how my graduation went…well for the most part anyways. understandably, not everyone that i care about or that cares about me was able to make it to the actual graduation, but cards in the mail, phone calls and text messages of support, reminded me of how truly blessed i am.  of how many people i have rooting for me.


today was meaningful because it wasn’t the graduation ceremony that was exciting, it was the fact that i graduated.  all along, i knew i could do it…and i did. and i didn’t just do it, i did my absolute best.  and on the last day of my academic career – well for a while at least- i was reminded that hard work does pay off.  that as long as i can be patient and perservere, success will come when the timing is right. the ceremony didn’t mean as much to me as the last five years of my academic career did.  in fact, over the last six years i was able to visit 22 states, 10 countries, travel by nearly every form of transportation possible, and read some textbooks along the way.  that’s what education did for me.  it opened doors.  it allowed me to see the world and understand it differently.  it encouraged me to set higher goals for myself and challenged me to succeed.  education taught me how to dream.



today was also meaningful because i said thank you.  i said thank you to my grandma and aunts who cooked my graduation dinner, and to my mom and dad who organized my graduation party.  i said thank you to my brother and sister who travelled long distances to celebrate this special day.   thank you to my family and friends who went out of their way to be there.  i also silently said thank you to my teachers who truly impacted my life, for the anonymous donors who made it possible for me to attend michigan state university, and for all of the people who have been my cheerleaders the last six years of my life.



 i said thank you…but what i meant was that i couldn’t have done it without you.  

i didn’t get to this point by myself. in fact, i couldn’t have.  none of us get to where we are solely by ourselves.  as much as we all like to consider ourselves to be independent, we get to where we are because of the amazing individuals who have helped us along the way.  today reminded me that i didn’t need to wait for major life events or accomplishments to appreciate all the kind things people are doing and have done for me.  today showed me that i needed to start paying attention.  

the truth is, i attended college because anonymous donors set up a scholarship.  and i received the scholarship because i had excellent teachers who helped me along the way and wrote me letters of recommendation.  and i did well in school because my parents cheered me on.every.single.day….they didn’t just tell me that i could do it, they made me believe that i actually would. and i was able to persevere because i had friends and family i could call and complain to for hours on end who continuously told me how proud they were and encouraged me to keep trying and working hard.  and i learned how to do well in school by the friends i met who taught me how to study better, tutored me when i was struggling, and who edited all of my papers.

in the end, it wasn’t really my graudation or my day….it was actually ours.



we did it.

who has been of help to you lately?

don’t forget to tell them thanks.

and don’t forget to mean it.


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