…because every day can be different

i have a love/hate relationship with routines.


in fact, i am terrified of working a 9-5 (or 8-4, 7-3) job.  while i am aware that most of the time, what you do at work often differs, i don’t like the idea of spending most of my days, weeks, and months working and doing more of the same.  i have always viewed it as limiting my ability to “get up and go,” and i have continuously  felt like my life needs to be defined by something more than work (so i am happy about choosing my career based on my passion).  on the flip side however, i also realize the utility in developing a routine.  because of my current 9-5pm schedule, i have also been able to create a set work out schedule ( a goal i made for myself), and it also means that i don’t waste my entire day by sleeping in.  i initially believed my internships and work schedule would limit my ability to be creative, but i was completely wrong.  the consistent (and necessary) routine in my life has forced me to find alternative ways to make every.single.day. different….because i think every day is a good day to try something new. 


so  according to my routine, i wake up, shower, get ready, take the subway (8am), arrive at work, make coffee, and begin my research every morning and work until 5 pm.  that’s where the creativity begins. you might think its lame (and maybe it is), but it provides me with the variety my life needs.  i do different breakfasts in the morning, and wake up at different times.  sometimes i wake up early and go work out, other times i wake up to cook my ‘specialty omelet;’ some days i wake up early to read, write, or blog, and other days i have street vendor food for breakfast and try to become friends with the ‘strangers’ i see on a daily basis, on other days, i sleep in.  when i get to work i attempt to be as efficient as possible with my time and effort so that i don’t feel bad when i insert a couple of quick breaks to shake up the day.  15 minutes can do a lot of good after staring at the computer for hours straight.  i use my break-time to read about the world, write postcards, or search for motivation. they are all small things, but who said that small things can’t make a big difference?  after work i rush home and take a power nap, or go straight to the gym, sometimes i facetime with friends.  sometimes i get off at a random stop on the subway and explore new york city.  



what i have learned is that even when you have to do the same thing, you can still find ways to do it differently.  you can make your days more you if you want to.  :)  maybe it is part of my personality, and maybe it is a little bit selfish, but i need my days to be new, and i refuse to limit my life with the excuse of a job, routine, or not having enough time.  i enjoy my internship, i like to work out, and i understand that committments are necessary, unavoidable, and to be expected, but i’ve always thought that living is the most important.


like you, i need money.  which means i have to have a job; so i understand what its like to not have the choice to do everything you want at every given moment.  but i also know that where there is a will there is a way.  it’s important for me to try new things on a daily basis and to take advantage of this summer opportunity.  so i do.  no excuses.  i just find a way.



for the record, i visit central park at least twice a week, but i have done something different every.single.time. if i know anything at all it is that change keeps life interesting.



make each day brand new.


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