…because of resources

today was meaningful because i sat in a hot apartment, eating delicious pizza, squished on a couch, and realized the importance of making use of one’s talents.  it seems so obvious now, but i honestly don’t know if i had given it much thought before today.  i probably should have guessed that a film producer, business student, and social worker would have some interesting conversations.  what i didn’t know however, was that we would stay up until 2 a.m. discussing important topics about today’s world.


in one hour i realized that i cared more about energy than i thought i did.  i was also reminded about the the role money plays in all of our decisions (regardless of how much you have), and the unequal distribution of resources that exist in our world. i was reminded about how little it seems like we can do in this big world, and about how much we should try anyways.


after watching the short film my friend produced, reading his blog, and looking at his pictures it dawned on me.  his talents were the reason why i became intrigued with the issue.  it’s not that i don’t care about energy or don’t find the debate to be important, its that my interests were focused elsewhere.  the fact of the matter was that his presentation of the information made the difference for me.   for him, his passion and talent align… he has taken what he is good at (and excels at even) and have used them to start a conversation.  and i think that is a pretty powerful thing to do.  


i’m still not sure whether the topic we were discussing is as important as the lesson.  and what i learned was about the power of talent….of taking what you are good at or simply enjoy doing, and putting it to use.  don’t worry, i have heard and understand the argument about not wanting to turn your hobby into work, and i am not suggesting that you do so.  what i am suggesting is that you use yourself.  use your resources.  use your potential.  if you are good at something-or even just like something- you can put it to use in a number of ways. you can use it for yourself, your kids, your family, your community,  or even strangers.  what, when, where, and for who, doesn’t matter so much as you just do it. 


to be clear, if you are talented at basketball, i’m not suggesting that you have to go play professionally to make use of your talent.  in fact, i’m not even attempting to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.  however, i just like the idea of using yourself.  and by using yourself, i mean taking advantage of your abilities, of reminding yourself what you are capable of doing, or at the very least, bringing yourself some happiness :)



i’m still not exactly sure what my talent is, or if i even have “a talent.”


but i do know what i enjoy and what i am passionate about, so i think that has to count for something.








i like the way it feels to be a resource.  to be useful.  to use myself up. :)

what resource or talent do you have to share? :)


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