…because of color

there is something about seeing the roots still left on vegetables that i absolutely love.



and its especially nice to be able to stand on a bustling sidewalk next to a busy street and smell the scent of fresh cilantro.


the point is, i love farmer’s markets.


i’ve made it a habit to go to the farmer’s market down the street from my apartment every tuesday morning after yoga.  i can’t exactly explain what it is, but i genuinely just like the way the entire atmosphere makes me feel.  today was meaningful because i did more of the same.


this summer it seems like my efforts have evolved to focus on improving my health, taking advantage of new opportunities, and staying within a budget.  for me, going to the farmer’s market does all three.  i started buying enough fresh vegetables, lettuce, blueberries, peaches, and jalepenos to last me for a week.  because the food offered there is generally healthy, it motivates (and forces) me to keep up with eating fresh (more healthy foods) instead of overly-processed foods, reduces the amount of waste i produce from buying too much or not eating everything quickly enough, and makes me feel like i am part of a smaller community even in this big city. surprisingly, i have also found that its not as expensive as i thought it would be, and for me, there is personal value in spending a little more money (although i don’t think i actually am) to ensure that my money is supporting local farmers and staying within the community.. i also just generally like the idea of supporting local. 



consistent with my goal of continuing to expand my knowledge, i recently read an article that asked ‘whether it really mattered if we ate local food or not.’  what stood out for me was considering “food miles”- and not just the total distance our food travels, but also the way in which it produced, hauled, and delivered to its final destination (from absolute start to finish). and if you really start to think about it… you might be as surprised as i was to find that the distance is way more than you had originally anticipated.  trust me, i am no expert, but i am doing my best to be socially responsible/environmentally friendly and conscious.  and while its a term that seems to be thrown around a lot, what i am really trying to say is that i simply care about our earth and the people in it.





i want to do my best to help out both.








and while i am there, i always take time to look at the sunflowers.





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