…because of the colors

i’ve been having this long standing debate with myself for a while now.  you see, i just cant decide which i like better: sunrises or sunsets.  and regardless of how much i think about it, i can’t decide which means more to me or which one is more representative of my life.

and maybe it doesn’t even matter, but it is as simple and complicated as that.


i like new days and fresh starts.  i also generally believe that almost everything is a beginning.  i like to think that the ending of one thing leads to the start of another. but you should also know that i don’t think that beginnings are inherently good or bad, i just think life is what you make of it.  but you already know that.  i don’t know if things truly end or if they just change, or transition.  can something really just absolutely stop?  and there is something about waking up on crisp mornings to a quiet house and the scent of coffee.  i like being able to listen to the world come alive.  and i like starting the day with the sun burning bright in my window, giving me countless reasons to be grateful. sunrises mean another chance and a different day.  and on some mornings, the sun can blind you with its light and beauty.  i think people can be like that too.


and then there are the sunsets. the closure.  the perfect ending, the sigh of relief. sunsets that make you reflect on your day and encourage you to do it better tomorrow.  i like the way the colors make you look at the world differently.  sunsets that remind you that bad days don’t mean bad lives.  i like moving forward and letting things go. i like the calming of finality, the knowing.   you know those sunsets that make you pull over on the side of the road, get out of your car, and take pictures that can never be good enough?  i like those ones.  sunsets that remind you that you made it through another day. that life has the potential to be beautiful, no matter how challenging it may seem.


today was meaningful because i sat and watched both.  i went outside this morning and decided to sit there quietly. listening. being present and taking it all in. i went out again at night and did the same. a sunrise and a sunset kind of day.



because when all is said and done, maybe i just like to see the sun light up the sky.



    1. thanks so much for taking the time to read it and especially leave a nice comment :) you need to send me an email of your stories you write!

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