…because the outside does not need a fence

i woke up early this morning. early for any morning and especially for a saturday. and even though i wanted to sleep in, i knew that i wanted to be awake more.  so i got up and made a fresh pot of coffee, shuffled around the kitchen, and opened up my wooden blinds.  i knew that it would be cold outside just from looking, and i really liked that. and even if the boring details are not that interesting, you should know that i sat on my bed checking emails, reading articles, and looking out the window.  the looking out the window is the important part, because i kept getting distracted by the stillness of outside.


i kept telling myself that i needed to get outside more when i had more time, and then i realized that i will never have more time than i do at this moment.  i acknowledged the fact that all i have is seconds.minutes.hours. time is one of those things you forget about until you’ve lost it. and i think time is one of those things we are always asking for more of, without actually using what we have of it now.  i believe that our problem isn’t so much a lack of time as it is an abundance of excuses.  and without even knowing what i doing, i got out of bed, grabbed my cup of coffee and a journal, put on my slippers, wrapped myself in a blanket, and went outside.

we have tree stumps for chairs out there. and we don’t have a fence. the leaves are still green and the grass wants to be brown.  all of the squirrels eat our deer food, and the birds sing the prettiest songs. the air was more crisp than it was cold, and it was calm. i initially brought my phone outside and quickly decided that what i really wanted was nature and somehow the pull of technology was throwing that off.  i went back inside and put it away.  and that felt more right. i thought i would journal, but instead i sat there with nothing to do but enjoy the weather, the morning, and the feeling of fall. i think it is important to create situations like that: purposeful stillness, intentional nothingness.  moments without the planning, doing, and thinking. moments with just sitting, breathing, and listening.  you’d be surprised how much good that can do for your soul. 


 ordinary things can be extraordinary, you know.  like the way that fall feels.  like the    turning of leaves into all of your favorite colors. like the way weather can influence your  thoughts.  i think it’s important to sit outside and realize that there is so much more than you are.  that everything is beautiful if you want it to be. and i believe that you can set yourself up for success.  you can create that calm morning, that grateful day.  you can find that acceptance in crunch of the ground or the crisp air.  and if you go outside, you might learn to appreciate the struggles of your day, the accomplishments in your life.

you might learn to just let things be. 



today was meaningful because i started my day out that way.


3 thoughts on “…because the outside does not need a fence”

    1. thank you!! …. i have a pretty wonderful friend who is amazing at capturing my attention through his use of pictures and inspirational words so i thought i would give it a try ;)

      1. You’ve succeeded in your efforts. It doesn’t take a super fancy camera to take great pictures. A great photo comes from what’s in the picture, not the gear used to take it. Nice job.

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