…because every day is a good day for fall

carmel apples with my mom :)

 i think today was my first second annual.  and i really like that.  i like new   experiences, but i especially like old traditions that are sentimental; that are re-done because you had so much fun the first time around.

my mom and i made carmel apples today which is a pretty big deal because the only thing i like about food is the fact that i can eat it.  i don’t really like to bake or cook, and i am not very good at either. so it wasn’t so much the apple making that was important, it was the mom part.    i wonder what would happen if we all gave our parents the credit they deserve, for shaping us into the human beings that we are. i wonder what would happen if we were grateful every day for all of the sacrifices they have made for us.  and so we spent the first part of the evening together, doing my mom’s favorite thing.  and that was nice.  the carmel apples turned out pretty good too :)


today was homemade apple cider drinking.  today was pretending it was fall even though the weather doesn’t really feel like it yet. it was sitting in a circle on the floor with friends who were carving pumpkins for the first time. it was listening to music and checking the insides of their pumpkins to make sure they scraped out all of the seeds.  i think it is important to stay young. to be a kid.  to not take yourself so seriously.  time only goes forward, you know. use what you have now.  so make those memories; i’ll always believe that that’s what matters the most.  spend your time with the people you love.  cherish today and i promise you that the lists will be there tomorrow.

 i think there is a lot to be said about surrounding yourself with people you can be silly with.  and i think laughter is always a good solution to try out. and i think caring about other people’s happiness brings more to your own life.  i think the people you choose to share your life with have the potential to change it, in whichever way you let them.  let it be for the good.



and at midnight we turned off all of the lights and lit up our pumpkins.  and just for three seconds the room was quiet and we were pleased with our work.  i don’t know what they were thinking, but i was thinking about how utterly content i am.  how grateful i am for my friends.  how much i love every little detail about my life. how adorable our pumpkins looked.


there are a lot of things that go wrong on a day to day basis…but what about all of the things that go right?  and which should be more important?


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