…what can happen at 12:01 (every day).

although i spend an absurd amount of time thinking.planning.and considering new year’s resolutions, i don’t necessarily believe in them.  and by this, i mean that i don’t think you have to wait until january first to start, or that you need to wait until a specific holiday season to begin reflecting about the changes and improvements you’d like to make.  i believe there is no time like the present, and that the best time to start is always now. with that being said however, i also like what january first has become to people.  a night of celebrating life and surrounding yourself with the people you love. i like the newness that surrounds midnight, the feeling that you get to start over, or try again.  and i especially like the promise that it holds.


what a difference one minute can make.


but really, couldn’t the same be said for every day?  new years are wonderful, but so too are new days.  i am sure i say this enough, but each day is a celebration. a new start.  another change to get it right.  every day can be filled with the same motivation to conquer your goals and with the same high expectations you set for yourself  at 12:01 pm.

whether you set your goals for the year or focus on one day at a time, i hope you choose to use every day as an opportunity to better yourself.  to do what you have always hoped and to work on being that person you said you’d become. and i hope you remember that real progress takes work, that short term sacrifices will likely result in long term gains.  and i hope you remember that you are worth the time, effort, and commitment. i can never come up with one single resolution and i couldn’t come up with one by december 31st or january 1st; i needed more time and more thought.  and so here i am, on january 14th with a list of goals i plan to work on every day. i came up with 13.


1. devote one hour every day to something that will help me get to where i would like to be in the future.– i undoubtedly have so much left to learn, practice, and understand before i get to where i would like to be.  i also know that i am nowhere close to that point, and that to get there, i need to put forth the effort now.

2.  simplify. less stuff. more clarity.

3. drink my cup of coffee slowly. —  coffee has always been my favorite morning routine. the smell that wakes me from my sleep in the morning, the taste that motivates me to start my day.  to put it simply, the idea behind this is to slow down. to purposefully take the time to notice life’s simple pleasures.

4. connect and reconnect.(without social media)– in person. over the phone. through letters. i want to meet new friends and stay in touch with old ones.  the real way.  the important way.

5. be adventurous. 

6.  be less busy and more productive.

7. only say nice things about the weather (or just find better things to talk about)- and by this, what i really mean is that i want to spend less time focusing on and talking about the negative and stressful.  i want to complain less and be grateful more. there are after all, better things to talk about than what went wrong in a day.

8. do something every day to improve my physical wellness–  this includes getting enough sleep, eating nutritiously, working out, spending time outside, taking vitamins, drinking more water, and laughing.

9. put my phone down. — spend time with the people i am with. listen to what they are saying and why it is important.

10.  create something.–  i have a list of crafts.ideas.goals.art. that have been brewing for far too long.  i’ve always been a fan of dreams and ideas… but mostly because i want to turn them into reality.

11. practice saying no. 

12. wake up 15 minutes earlier every morning–  a lot can be accomplished in just fifteen minutes.  i hope to complete tasks that take three minutes or less in the morning, spend time stretching, and eat breakfast with the extra time i give myself.

13. respond with love. always. it is as simple and challenging as that.






happy new day.



what’s your new day resolution?

and just a side thought….when you establish a goal for the year, are you taking the necessary steps and making the necessary changes on a daily basis?  because when it comes down to a year, i think the days are the most important.



  1. Jessica, I always love what you have to say. Very similar to my mindset. I don’t know you very well, but I know you have a beautiful soul. Your posts always inspire me. Keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blogs Sarah! I hope you know how much your kind words mean to me… you have definitely encouraged and motivated me to keep writing… I can’t thank you enough for that :) (p.s. I miss having tae kwon do with you at MSU!)

      1. I miss it too, I loved that class. I think I might start a blog as well. What are you doing these days? I hope you are well :)

  2. I came across your blog through a random facebook share. I absolutely love what you say. I have been reading your posts and I especially like your post on love – it’s beautiful and it gave me a lot to think about. I am 21 years old and I have a very similar list that I wrote down just a couple weeks ago. “Just say no.” “Do something to improve yourself and your personal health everyday” “Take the time to learn one new thing” “Be less busy and more productive” are some that were spot on from my list and yours. I am finding that it is harder to follow than I had hoped, but I work on it everyday. You now have a new follower!

    1. i am sooo excited that you took the time to read my blog and comment on it! thank you so much :) … i also love that you took the time to comment on my new year’s post, it was such a nice reminder for me to continue to work on those goals! i like that we had similar lists/goals and i would love to hear how you do in working towards each of these! they are definitely much easier said than done, but i think the ‘trying’ part is the most important… thank you for brightening my day and reading my blog, i hope to hear from you again soon!

  3. Hey Jessica, I’m so in awe of your writing, and how you portray your life and your choices and actions. I think the people in your life should feel so honoured to know you. I’m so glad to have stumbled across your page! The outlook you have on life is enviable – you seem truly happy, truly by choice. I aspire to have a similar mindset every day, but it’s not always easy. I love the boost of positivity I get with every single one of your posts. Your blog is just incredible. Please don’t stop! Love and peace, from Australia :)

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