…because i usually can’t cry while i am running

i started crying on the treadmill today. one mile in, just as i had turned the volume on my music up and increased the speed.  i am generally good at blocking out the rest of the world as i try not to die while running- so i really didn’t realize that i was actually noticing anything, until i was overcome with emotion.  and then it was me, falling behind on a too fast paced treadmill, struggling to push the buttons to slow down the speed, staring at a couple across from me, crying.

i may be a little dramatic or emotional, but i also take pride in my hypersensitivity over how wonderful the world is and how amazing people can be. after starting this blog project and making a conscious effort to find the good each day had to offer, i became very easily to move me to tears. i don’t know how many times i would find myself in my car literally overflowing with gratefulness. tears streaming down my face because i had just witnessed a random act of kindness, warm gesture, or love.  maybe it is silly, or maybe i just really am in love with the world that much-despite all of its flaws and the work that needs to be done. 

today i was crying because on the opposite side of the room was an older couple i frequently see at the gym.  they were doing incline on the treadmill and had been there longer than i had.  like me, they were sweating profusely.  the man was gripping the sides of the treadmill and the woman was breathing hard.  it was obvious they were tired. but what was more obvious was how hard they were trying- how hard they have been trying.  this couple is always there before i arrive, and generally stay later than i do.  i’ve watched them work together in figuring out how to use the machines and cheer each other on. and i’ve also watched them make progress. i don’t know their names and they don’t know how much their effort means to me-well, not yet anyway. there is something moving-no pun intended- in seeing people try to make themselves better.


what i am trying to say is that the world is beautiful and i hope you notice it. 


i don’t say this to discount all of the bad, horrific actions and events that take place on a daily basis. nor am i suggesting we simply accept the world for what it is.  i say this to remind you that despite all of this, wonderful, ordinary, and extraordinary things are unfolding all around you. look for those.

and let them amaze you.


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