new year’s resolution #5.

where are you at today in relation to where you said you would like to be 41 days ago?


the best thing about resolutions– or simply goal setting- is the promise they hold.  the inherent belief that they are possible, so long as you work for them.  that understanding that you are capable if you are able to commit your time and devote your effort.  and the worst thing about resolutions and goals?  that they are often forgotten, given up on, and compromised for.

money makes us give up. and so does time.  daily stressors and busy schedules interfere with our previous commitment.  lack of progress.frustration. settling for less. challenges. barriers. and when it comes down to it, it’s the excuses make us give up.  but more importantly,  what makes us succeed?  i may not know the answer for you, but for me it is remembering that short-term sacrifices are worth long-term accomplishments.  it is about doing what i said i wanted to-with or without motivation.  it’s putting on my gym shoes and going, despite how i feel about it.  it’s less thinking and doing more.  i’ve come to understand that accomplishment and success are about taking steps forward on a daily basis until you walk that entire mile. when it comes to goals, i think it’s important to remember that you are doing them for you.  to be better.  to do more.  to challenge yourself.  to grow.



today was meaningful because i didn’t put money towards paying off my student loans.  i didn’t put it in my savings account or invest it.  i didn’t save it up for my future supervision.  instead, i spent it.  well, not all of it, just the amount i had been budgeting.  and by budgeting, i mean obsessively and excessively planning, cutting costs, and saving for the last few months.  and then i bought a plane ticket to paris.  and i feel quite wonderful about that.

my 5th resolution was to be adventurous, and there you have it.  spontaneity at it’s finest.  but it was also much more than a resolution… i also get to cross an item off my childhood bucket list.  the same one that had “live in NYC,” and “write a book.”  and i guess it comes to show that i haven’t changed much since writing that list, because i still want many of the same things… the only difference is that i am more capable of following through with them. maybe i should have been more financially responsible or differentiated between my needs and wants, but you see, if i only get the opportunity to live once, i’d like to make the most out of my time here.  and for me, that means touching as many parts of the world as possible. creating as many memories as i do footprints.

i’ve been asked how i can afford such trips- and the answer is that i make them affordable.  like anything else, you make it a priority and let everything else fall into place.  it’s like getting physically fit or earning that college degree.  you plan, you sacrifice, you prioritize.  but most importantly, you find a way. 





 have you made those attempts to better your life and this year?

eleven months left and counting.



  1. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I do in my life that are “real”. We live in a world that is so virtual, online, and somewhat deceptive. We eat fake food, and have fake interactions with our friends. Online. In the same place we can cultivate a fake farm instead of planting a real garden. I know this comment has little to do with your post but I just wanted to thank and congratulate you on being and doing something “real”. Not simply dreaming, or going to Google Earth, but doing it!

    1. i completely understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. I have been thinking very similarly lately–especially in regard to fake interactions and living online instead of in this world. the fact that you congratulated me makes me smile from ear to ear, thank you for that :)
      p.s. you are such a wonderful inspiration to me, thank you for that too :)

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