…this morning

it’s monday.


and this could mean two things:  a bad ending to a good weekend or a bad start to another week.

if you are like me at all, maybe you pushed your snooze six times before jumping out of bed in a panic because you’re now dangerously close to being late to work.  maybe you ran around the kitchen trying to find a make-shift breakfast while hopping around trying to put a sock on your right foot. maybe you rush out to your car as you get ready to leave, just to turn right around and run back inside because you forgot something. maybe monday means a heavy sigh for all of the things you didn’t get accomplished over the weekend.  or maybe it is a countdown of hours left until tuesday (or friday). maybe you give up on the day before it even starts. or maybe you’re spending your monday wishing it were a different day.


and it can be, you know.


if you are like me at all, maybe you want your mondays to be more than a complaint. more than a collection of all the things that can go wrong in 24 hours. more than a wishing away of time. what i know is that days are all about perspective.   this monday is an opportunity to start being grateful for the days you are given- regardless of how they turn out. it can be a day of looking for the good. maybe this monday is about creating the kind of life you want by taking it one day at a time.


today is the day.

and it is what you make of it.



today is a brand new day. a thank you that you woke up. a smile because you slept on a comfortable bed. a grateful heart that you have a job. a deep breath of fresh air.  today is a celebration of another chance to do it better. an opportunity to try harder in all of your endeavorstoday is a privilege that you have a phone.home.food.health.clean clothes.education.  let monday be the day you start your week off right.  let today be that day where you go the extra mile.  where you compliment a stranger. a day where you wake up fifteen minutes early so that you don’t have to rush around.  a day where you only put good into the world. a monday where you nurture your soul with good food and healthy choices. start off your week by making a decision to make the most out of what comes your way.  decide to let go of those things that aren’t good for your soul.

wake up and put a smile on your face.  stop waiting for the perfect moment and start doing it now. send someone a thoughtful text to start their day off right. turn down every opportunity of anger and frustration. hold the door open for a stranger.  pay for someone’s coffee.  make a list of goals for the week.  do something now so that you don’t have to do it later. express gratitude and notice the beauty. be kind to yourself. embrace the day.



mondays are beginnings.  and the best part about beginnings is that you get to write the story.




hello monday, i’m glad you are here.


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