…for the love of the game



    important things happened today.

  and these people did and did not have something to do with it.

as you probably know, i am not a huge sports fan.  i don’t really understand the game (regardless of what it is) nor have i ever truly cared to.  i can appreciate the talent, time, and dedication the athletes and coaches put into the game in the same way i admire students who commit to completing rigorous academic programs to expand their knowledge.  in the same way i am inspired by any other individual who is fighting, struggling, and working tirelessly to live out their life dream. and in the same way i admire individuals who work just as hard to make it through the day.  the specifics of the dream don’t matter as much to me as the fact that it’s yours… that at the end of the day, it’s what your heart aches for. and fine, i’ll admit it; i sat through the second half of my first football game at michigan state university because my feet were tired and i was hot—despite the dirty looks i was receiving from my fellow spartans who stood for the duration of the game. and i’ll also admit that i ditched out on a few too many basketball games because i had to study instead.

so you can probably understand why my boyfriend was rolling his eyes at me as i screeched, giggled, stared, and conspicuously attempted to take pictures of all of the successful athletes and coaches in the room.  you can imagine why he was laughing at me as i became overly excited to be sitting at a table, eating a fancy dinner next to barry switzer; “you don’t even like sports,” he reminded me.


sports are not my thing.  being in a room full of talented individuals who have worked tirelessly to accomplish their dreams however, is.   today was meaningful because i looked around the room and observed all of the men and women living out their own definition of success.  i can’t describe the feeling i had as i sat there and watched these talented basketball players and coaches be awarded for their skill and dedication to the game. it wasn’t about their fame or awards, the inspiration came from a recognition of the journey they have taken to get to where they are today. it came from understanding that at one point, they too, simply started out with a dream. i realize i didn’t know the players or their positions, and that i could hardly recognize any of the coaches (save for tom izzo), but what i did know however, was how proud i was of these strangers.  there are a lot of things i don’t know about basketball, but there are a lot of things i do know about trying.  i know is that trying is hard.  and that it’s easy to give up, that it takes time, and that it can feel slow.  that it take self-determination and a drive towards the end result, regardless of the appeal of short term temptations.  what i learned today was to create my own opportunities.  to stop being comfortable with complacency. 

i like to think about how much can happen in a span of 24 hours, and i also like to think about how much control we have over what we get done in the time we are given in one day. today was a day about bests and opportunities.  i’ve always wanted to be the best.  and not necessarily in comparison to everyone else, but in regard to myself.  i hope you challenge yourself  and i hope you work to become better, to not settle for everyone else’s life. i hope you exceed your expectations, and when you do, that you set higher goals. i’d like to look back at the end of all of my days and believe that i took advantage of all that they are worth.  this is your life, you know.  do something today that puts you in a better position for tomorrow.  fight for your long term goal and don’t stop until you get there.  in this life, you get one chance to accomplish all of the things you’ve ever wished for.                         and i hope you do them all.

today was meaningful because i felt like i was surrounded by people who have worked harder, put in more time, and have given more effort to their dream than i have mine.  tonight was an inspiration to be more.  i have so much room to grow. and such a will to thrive. grateful for tonight for reigniting that spark.

 tom izzo said it best,

“because every one of us has a success story.” 

what’s yours?


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