…because of action.

i’ve been thinking about inspiration a lot lately.

like who searches for it and who gets inspired.  what you do with it.  and why we need it. part of me thinks that inspiration is the inner voice that calls out to us to find our potential.  it’s that little whisper that reminds you that you can do more. be more.  i think the feeling we get when we read.hear.see.think about something motivating and inspiring is about that  strong pull to be a part of something greater than yourself. it reminds us of our individual and collective possibilities of doing something wonderful for the world. i think inspiration is about finding that spark within yourself that is waiting to be lit.  and i think another part of it is about hope, the little reminder that things can get better. that you can change. that things aren’t always as they seem. the burst of energy and feeling of fullness when you realize there is more to yourself than you may be able to acknowledge.


and then there is the part of inspiration that is about action.

 i believe one of the most important parts about being inspired is what you do with it.  how you decide to change your life because of it.  there is a part of the world that you can touch, that you can leave your fingerprints on.  where is it going to be and what are you going to do? and when will you start? sometimes it’s not about waiting for the perfect day or for all of the parts of your plan to line up, sometimes it’s about deciding to do something and seeing it through until the very end.  it’s about struggling to get there, but always remembering that movement is movement.


i looked up “act” in the dictionary today.  among other things, the verb form of the word means to produce an effect, to exert energy, to do something.  and what i know is that the beginning is always now.  if you get anything from this blog, i hope it is it the inspiration to do. and not just the motivation to do something, but the drive to follow through in accomplishing it. sit down and write out all of your personal short and long-term goals. explore who you are and who you want to be.  develop a plan to get there. to reflect on how you can use your personal talents and attributes to touch the world in a way that only you are able to. and when you are done thinking about all of these things, i hope you start living it.  i hope you invest all of your energy in utilizing your life in the best way that you can.  take action towards something that gives you a sense of meaning, that serves a greater purpose.


and if you don’t know where to start,  just start somewhere. 


improve your self-esteem, live a healthier lifestyle, decide to change a part of yourself, try something new. mentor a child. adopt an animal. volunteer. donate. recycle. research. learn. brainstorm. hold yourself accountable. find your own mentor. turn the tv off, put your phone down. pick up a book. set goals. draw. write. reach out to a stranger. start a program. refine your career path. stay later, go in earlier. try harder.


the time is now.





and i just can’t stop thinking about the fact that we only get one chance to use our lives up in the best way possible. maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you are doing just that; and if you aren’t, maybe it’s time to start.










  1. Hi Jessica!

    I commented on your last post (under a different name) and I decided to comment on this one as well because you are so inspiring! So here is how your blog posts have inspired me and an update on how things are going in my life…

    I have always been thought of as a “realist” and more recently (this year) a pessimist :(. Because of recent events in my life and the twists and turns of life, I woke up one day and decided, no more “realism” and pessimism! I want to be wholeheartedly positive, and then I stumbled across your blog and it was the perfect start for my journey to a better, more positive life. You said it perfectly in this post, we only get one chance to use our lives up in the best way possible, and those words couldn’t be more true. For a little while I thought that because of the mistakes I’ve made I didn’t deserve to be happy or have a good life. But I realized that without mistakes we don’t learn. And our mistakes don’t define who we are, which is what I finally came to realize, and was able to move past my regrets and continue on the path to a more positive healthy life.

    You talk about inspiration in this post and I hope you realize how much of an inspiration YOU are to people like me, who want to become better and live a more meaningful life. I want to be that person who is known as an optimist, who is able to inspire others, like yourself! It’s amazing what words can do for a person, and your words were the final push that I needed to change my life :).

    I’m sorry about the obnoxiously long comment! And I look forward to your next post!


  2. Jessica, I love reading your blog!! Thank you & yes very inspirational! I have just turned my whole world upside down, partner, career & have moved miles away from home, family & everything familiar. Has been extremely challenging & sad at times but I know it’s right because I am following my heart & soul. I appreciate your positive energy & advice….looking forward to your next! :D Have a great day! xox

  3. really good post…i guess for some of us (i include myself in this) the creativity or the ideas may come easily but the drive or the motivation may be lacking…sometimes i get a burst of ideas but then only a few minutes later i get lazy thinking that in reality it may not be possible…currently i m on a search for something that may just “light up” the part of my brain from where i can actually give some action to my words..your posts really help! keep it up!

  4. Your posts always inspire me and make me think of situations in a new, more positive light. There is always a way to look at our lives in a more positive way and not except current struggles and challenges as all bad. You’ve reminded me of this several times before. Thank you!

  5. amen girl, i love this post and everything about it. so often we get “inspired” but don’t do anything to act on that inspiration. such a good message here.

  6. Yes, love it so much. I read so many things that inspire me but I really want to take action on all of these thoughts. I’m thinking of trying a different style of writing on my blog where I actually post an “action item” for everything I write. I think that will help push me towards taking those steps to action. Look forward to reading more!!

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