….because of letters to strangers.

i like the idea of taking advice from complete strangers.  people who don’t know your story, but who know theirs so well.  advice that takes a piece of their heart and gives it to you. maybe you do too.

i’d like to be your friend, but if we aren’t yet,  here is what i would say.

dear stranger,

you are here in this moment reading this letter. and that means so many things. first you should know that you are alive. recognize it.  the falling and rising of your breath, the possibilities within your reach. the power you have to make this life all that you have wanted it to be. and you are blessed.  blessed to know how to read and to have technology available to you. appreciate this and remember that you could lose it all.  stay grateful. you should know that you are wonderful.   wherever you are in your life, capture how beautiful it is– even if it is a struggle.  how amazing it is that you have an opportunity to change? capture it and grow from it. 

you may know so many things dear stranger, and i know that i have so much to learn from you.  your life is a book i’d probably love to sit down and read over a hot cup of tea.  my life has so many chapters, each day adding another page to my story. and if you ever get to a point you don’t like, start a new chapter.  you’re the main character and we’re all rooting for you. change the ending. i think our individual lives are about deciding who we want to be and working to become that person- fighting for the person you have the potential to be. and i think it’s about being better today because of what you learned from yesterday.  when a mistake.failure.regret comes your way, embrace it. hold on to it, it is yours. you’re the only one who can experience it the way you did, the only one who can learn from it in the way that you will. your mistakes are turning points, see that and choose to do it differently next time.  these things add depth, they develop and refine who you are. and each scar on your heart is oh, so beautiful.  proof that you’ve lived.

and stranger, i’ve learned that  you’ll only get to where you want to be by doing what it takes to get there. be willing to work harder than everyone else, understand that you will get there. and stop waiting to start— our somedays will never come. imagine how far you can go and how much you are holding yourself back by not taking action now.  at the end of the day, your success is up to you. my life has taught me how to be open to being a beginner. you see, when you are a beginner you are a sponge, soaking up every little bit of information, expanding in every way that you can. and when you are a beginner, you challenge yourself to grasp what you don’t know and you are willing to refine your skills. wake up every day and be willing to do that.  understand that you have so much left to learn. i hope to never become ‘the best,’ stranger. i don’t want to get to a point where i stop growing, learning, or changing. i want to always have something better to aspire to be. i hope you don’t stop at being the best either.

 don’t rush love, stranger.  it will come and it will find you. it might not be at the time you want it to be, but it will come in the exact moment you are ready.  in my life i’ve learned that we sometimes get so busy trying to find someone to complete us, that we forget to realize that we are already whole. love yourself first so that it never comes down to you needing someone to love you. and always be grateful for the love that comes your way, even if it doesn’t stay forever. moments of love are beautiful, no matter how they turn out. let go of love gracefully and never allow it to cause hate or bitterness. take it in, give it out, and accept how people offer it. and stranger, remember that the people in your life won’t be here forever. spend time with them today, right now. tell them you love them, but more importantly, show them that you do.

you should know that one of my greatest life lessons has been one about kindness.  that your actions and words matter and that kindness adds sweetness to life. i believe the way you respond to long lines, being cut off on the highway, and misadventures tells a lot about who you are. regardless of how people decide to treat you, your response is always all yours. i hope you take the high road.  don’t let their decisions affect your behavior. stay true to your soul.  i like to be able to lay in bed at night, replaying all of today’s scenes and smile at the fact that i wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.  i believe people deserve kindness, especially when they are not able to give it out themselves. i hope you are kind.  i hope you look at people in the face and smile at them when they pass you by.  and stranger, try to make someone else’s life a little bit brighter.

what i hope for you stranger, is a life that is simple.  one that is not cluttered by unnecessary things. like judgments, expectations, and bitterness. a life that is not about material items, but rather, experiences. i hope your life is simple in that you find you have everything you need with what you already have.  don’t complicate it with too many details. i hope it’s not cluttered with clothes.gadgets.purses.stuff. because the thing about it is, these material items always keep you wanting more.  you have enough stranger, you have enough. 

i wish you heartache and love and difficult days. i wish you disappointments and failures.  i hope you get lost when you are in a hurry and find a way to practice patience.  i wish you sunshine on rainy days and cloudy days that are beautiful. i hope your life is full of lessons and that you learn from them all. i wish you a life that gives you wrinkles, those beautiful marks, indicators of time. i wish you foods full of flavor and days full of challenges.  i hope you never have everything you want, but that you always have everything you need. i wish you good days and bad days and smiles through tears. i wish you a life that is full. i wish you surprises and excitement, sadness and hurt. i wish it all for you.

these may be strange things to wish upon someone, but i just want you to experience life in it’s entirety.

because these thing add character.

because all of it is beautiful.

dear stranger, i hope we are friends.

and i hope to read your book one day.



  1. your posts are a great inspiration to lighten up the insipid daily chores..today’s post in particular gave me a renewed spirit to better myself ..thanks a ton..dear stranger..i hope we are friends

  2. I love your emphasis on being kind to people. This semester, while being in a foreign country, I have really learned how important it is to be kind, even in the tiniest of ways. When I am having a tough day, the smallest acts of kindness from strangers can completely brighten my skies. And it has shown me to always be on the lookout for the little things I can do to be kind to others.

  3. So so so beautiful. You made me reflect and and realise, but in the most lightest way. It’s as if your writing acts as the beacon of light and illuminates the path that I already know was there, but had been momentarily shadowed.

    Thank you :) I hope to be kind today, in everything I do.

  4. I get you, dear stranger. I get this.

    These things that you have written has always been jumping up and down my head, some of which I have also written about in the past. Isn’t it a beautiful thing that despite geographical distance, cultural backgrounds and what-nots… these words we write/say can connect us with random and/or total strangers? How our thoughts can suddenly “win” us a friend, a comrade, a fellow sojourner.

    And suddenly, they’re not so strange, after all.

    Thank you for letting us peek into your book, for letting us read off a page from the book you are constantly writing.

    I have always likened the lives we live as mere pages, words and sentences. Sometimes, we are on the same page, or chapter. Other times, we are not. But ultimately, all of us are part of this one book called “Life”.

    And yes, dear stranger, I also hope we are friends. :)

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