human becomings.

over the last few months i have found myself saying all too frequently that there aren’t enough hours in the day, days in the week, or months in the year.  that if i only had more time i would train for a half marathon, write blog posts with greater frequency, spend time with family and friends more often, or travel and experience new things more regularly. i would go to yoga, clean my house, finish my scrapbook, journal daily, and build upon my career. i would limit my distractions and challenge my excuses.  i assure myself that my lack of time is a justification for the things i haven’t done; however, with a slowly growing list of tasks and goals i haven’t accomplished, i’ve began to wonder whether it’s a lack of time, lack of will, or lack of deliberateness that hinders my progress.  and mostly what i found was that the days continued to slip past me as i was napping, lounging on the couch, staring down at my phone, or working late.

i know i’ve said this before, but the theme continues to ring true in my life.

time is all that we have, and still, it is finite. 

and for me, that means living intentionally has been on my heart lately.

to live deliberately is partly about taking greater control of our time and making choices that are consistent with who we’d like to be. when we are intentional, we are both mindful and selective in our actions, behaviors, words, goals, and decisions. developing an increasing awareness of intentionality is also about recognizing the ease in which we lose sight of our purpose as life becomes a routine.  as we move automatically through the day out of habit or going through the motions, we also lose presence, consciousness, intention, and purpose.  and when we lose sight of the reasons for our actions or become comfortable in letting the days pass us by, we become a product of habit and obligation rather than of creativity and design. perhaps a lack of purposefulness may also lead to procrastination, a lack of enjoyment, excuses, and selling ourselves short. i believe that by practicing intentionality we offer ourselves an opportunity to take greater control of our lives and who we become.

and so i’ve started to practice. i’ve began living intentionally by first identifying and remembering my intent.  on my drive to work i’ll spend a few moments being mindful of what I consider to be my personal calling and the reasons why i go. for me, the intent of my work is to practice compassion, service to others, and to promote change.  and as i prepare for the gym i declare my intention to develop a healthier lifestyle, prolong my days, and offer myself an opportunity to clear my mind. i am making a greater effort to be conscious of my actions and thoughtful in my understanding of the reasons why i do them. i’ve learned that some uses of my energy no longer serve my interests, and so i let them go.  i practice living deliberately by thinking through my next action and determining whether the decisions i make are choices to move forward or to stagnate.  and through these actions, i’ve found it easier to put on my gym shoes instead of my pajamas, to be more loving, kind, and patient.  i have been able to reduce some of the noise and distracting thoughts that cloud my mind and realign myself with direction.  i’ve found clarity, focus, and drive.

i believe our individual existences are a constant balance between life as a human being and as a human becoming.  in this very second, the smallest details of whatever it is you are doing are tiny pieces of the portrait that you are.  and in the same breath, whatever it is that you are doing right now is also part of who you are becoming.  and so whoever it is that you want to be, in this exact moment, you are working on becoming that person or you aren’t.

what i hope you’ll remember is that we are not finished products. we are works of art that will continue to evolve and adapt. we are layered and weathered, and forever capable of change.

let’s get back to becoming who we really are, already are, and have always been.

let’s get back to our purpose.

let’s live with intent.


8 thoughts on “human becomings.”

  1. Dear Jessica,
    I’ve followed your blog for quite some time now, and each time i receive an email notification of a new blog post, I’m instantly drawn to your page. Your words speak from such an honest place that so many of your readers wish they could express. You say with regularity, the words that are on the tip of our tongues, but not quite readily available to us. You find a way to put our feelings into prose, with such a naturalness. I can’t thank you enough for the clarity and peace your entries have offered me. Your optimism and light shine through in all of your writing, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for instilling a perpetual sense of calming hope.

  2. Jess – thank you so much, your words are beautiful, truly heartfelt and very inspiring. This is exactly what I needed when I read your blog yesterday. I have just moved to a new city and have been feeling uncertain as to whether it is the right decision…. but it’s so very true, I am in transition and I just need to keep my greater goal in mind. These are all little steps to creating the life I want in the future. Thank you so much for reminding me and please keep writing these blogs, they are wonderful and your words and time do make a difference… to me! :D

    With love Joey xx

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I just love to read you, you put sunshine in a dark day and fill me with positivity and philosophy. I have shared your article on 20 something to all my friends, printing it in their birthday card, and they had share it too. You always find the right words.

    I just want to thank you, and to tell you that everytime you write on your blog, you have a positive impact on people. I’m just one of them. And I hope you will continue to write all your life (or at least mine). You have a gift, you change lifes in your own way.

    Thank you

  4. Your words are so beautiful. I know from previous posts that you are a social worker. I’m in the same field, as I’m finishing up my Master’s in counseling. I had a professor who always told us time and time again to do everything intentionally — both in our work and in our personal lives. You hit the nail on the head with that exact sentiment in your post. I want to start practicing intentionality. Much like you, I always make the excuses and say there’s not enough time. But being intentional means to take the time we do have, no matter how little, and face the things we put off. I’m going to try harder now. Thank you.


  5. Hi Jess

    Thanq very much forbthe writing. It have touched and identified deeper regrets within my self and gave some pusj towards planning for my growth in future.

    Yes we gotto strive hard no matter how high the target is.

    We gotto run that xtra miles for our self

    Many thanx again


  6. This post rings so true to all that I try to hold on to in life. When you say, “when we lose sight of the reasons for our actions or become comfortable in letting the days pass us by, we become a product of habit and obligation rather than of creativity and design,” I am reminded that living in the moment, mindfully, creates a wonderful life. Thanks for your wise words.

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