COVID-19: It touches us all.

I left my house for the first time in over three weeks to go to the grocery store today.  I’ve been listening to the news and checking the CDC website on a daily basis so I’ve felt pretty informed about what’s been going on.  It sounds silly, but i wasn’t prepared to see the man […]

A home to a life.

September 23rd.   There are so many small details.  Like you coming back from the grocery store with a pregnancy test and me rolling my eyes, laughing lightheartedly. Like the distinct word “pregnant” stunning my mind into disbelief.  Like your face lighting up, and an unmistakable flood of happiness radiating throughout the room.  My bare feet […]

what it means to be human.

Most times when we struggle, we feel that we are alone.  Isolated.  That no one else could ever feel this way.  We make islands out of heartbreak and wonder how we will ever come back home.  You have been there. When we gain the weight and lose our self-worth.  When we avoid looking at ourselves […]

because we change

Think about all of the transitions you’ve been through during this season of your life.  Maybe you’ve began to raise a beautiful human being that exists with an infinite amount of possibilities or  became a beginner again as a new college student.  Perhaps you’ve had to navigate this portion of your life without the comfort […]

how you love yourself.

we carry collected pain from so many moments. like the time during high school when you were first made fun of or when you didn’t get a high enough score to be placed in advanced classes. maybe you lost yourself in the transition to adulthood, parenthood, or somewhere else along the way.  or perhaps you […]