fernweh – (noun) a craving for travel; being homesick for a place you’ve never been.











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Costa Rica






























  1. Jacqueline Keating says:

    I love that you included fernweh at the top! I always feel that deep sense of longing for new places! Your blog is excellent. Keep going. You’re inspiring me to start my own!

  2. Julia says:

    Love it! Travelling definitely helps to expand your hoizons – I am trying my best to travel as much and see as much as I possibly can. Keep up this goody of a blog :)

  3. Katelynn B says:

    I just happened to stumble upon your blog but I can tell by your photos that you did semester at sea and it might be the same voyage…summer 2009? Small world!

  4. Taylor says:

    I stumbled across your blog and fell in love quickly. I share so many of the same thought as you beautifully write out. I love that you share pictures of your travels, it would be amazing to hear how you did all of this! The spending money and travels and so on!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Taylor,

      Thank you so much for taking some time to look around my blog and leave such a kind comment! I will definitely be posting more pictures of my travels! I would absolutely love to share how I have been able to make traveling a part of my life, thanks for asking! :)

      During the summer of my junior year of my undergraduate career, I participated in a study abroad program through the University of Virginia called “Semester at Sea.” On this voyage, we traveled around the Mediterranean Sea for three months and stopped at 8 different countries. While on the ship, we took classes related to our specific academic interests and while in the actual countries, we were able apply what we were learning in class, volunteer, and explore the different countries. That was absolutely one of the most amazing things I have ever done with my life. Getting there however, was a little difficult. When I started college, I knew that I would want to participate in a study abroad so I began saving my money and worked extra hours to do so. It took me three years to save up enough money and I also applied for some scholarships to help me get there, but still, it was very expensive (but also doable with some planning, budgeting, and saving.)

      The other trips I have taken (Costa Rica, Germany, and Paris) were done so independently (without a study abroad program). These were still expensive, although comparatively wayyyyy cheaper than a study abroad. I would also spend some time planning for things I wanted to do there, and budget that money in with the amount I would need to bring (Costa Rica was very affordable!) The biggest cost for me is generally the plane tickets. While I’m in the actual countries, I usually stay at hostels and eat relatively cheap (but still experience really great food). I usually don’t do a lot of spending on souvenirs or more touristy type things (unless of course it was for something that I considered to be worth it.) It has been harder to travel because of work and saving for other things, but it is still one of my priorities.

      The next trip I want to take is to India or Thailand. I probably won’t be able to do so until a few years from now, but I am already saving up my time off at work and extra money. I also try not to spend extra money on clothes/’stuff’ that won’t mean a lot to me years from now.

      I hope this information helped! If you have any other questions, I would love to help out in any way that I can. :)

      Thanks again,


      • Bragadeesh Prasanna says:

        I dont know when you gave this comment. But India is one of the best places in the world. We welcome you here. Its relatively affordable if you have plans in place. I am not a spammer.. But http://www.indiamike.com can help you plan your trip to India effectively.


  5. Jackie says:

    I’m not sure if you check this, but i was in tears reading some of your blog posts–they really hit home and gave me some peace about my current situation. I think you are truly inspiring.

    And what a small world, i was on the summer 09 voyage as well–wish i could have known you!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Jackie,

      Thank you soo much for taking the time to look around my blog and leave such a sweet comment, you have really brightened my day. I cannot believe we were on the same SAS voyage! I wish we would have been able to meet on the ship! :)

      I hope to hear from you again soon,


  6. xt says:

    Where do you get the money to travel!?

  7. AnaisM says:

    Hello Jessica!

    I have just discovered your blog and I love it already. The pictures of your travels are soo nice! I enjoyed so much reading your post “…because i’m a twentysomething” :) I find your blog very inspiring; it transmits such a good vibe. Thanks a lot for sharing and keep on the good job!

    Many greetings from Venezuela! :)


  8. Aimi says:

    Just wanted to leave a little note to say how much I love your blog and find it so inspiring. I often find myself wondering if there are people out there similar to me and then I find people like you who remind me that there is :)

    Aimi xo

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