what it means to be human.

Most times when we struggle, we feel that we are alone.  Isolated.  That no one else could ever feel this way.  We make islands out of heartbreak and wonder how we will ever come back home.  You have been there. When we gain the weight and lose our self-worth.  When we avoid looking at ourselves […]

Lessons on discomfort

  We woke up at sunrise to walk through the city before everyone else did and we ended up on an isolated road, wandering through the sage brush and breathing in that clear and quiet air. There was an actual instance where I could feel myself opening up to this new season. I felt an […]

incomplete thoughts on action

•       •       • Sometimes the only thing I know to do is write; even when the thoughts aren’t fully formed and even when I don’t know what to say.  I went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago; one of my most favorite things about the city is how friendly and […]

our storytelling minds.

  I finally had an ‘ah-ha’ moment when it comes to the storytelling mind and the narratives we make up about ourselves or any given experience in our life.  I’ve come to understand the storytelling mind as the endless stream of thoughts, feelings, and images that play in the background of our minds on a […]

lessons on kindness

I’m always looking to people to learn about myself and the way I want to show up in this world. I constantly question “is who I am being in this moment reflective of the greatest person that lies inside?”  A lot of times I’m off base and some shifts in attitude or perception are called […]